Thursday, August 19, 2010
Summer Edition #130

Russell R. Shippee
Author, Speaker, Life Coach

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I hope many of you are reading this letter from your favorite vacation spot.

Cameron is recharged, raring to go, and is going. Kids were born with the placebo effect without even taking a pill. They just know they can do it, they are fine, and they will do what they set out to do.

More and more Cameron is telling me, "I'll do it" as he refuses to take my hand. That's good. Gosh, we should all be as brave as the kids.

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PS: What do you need a placebo for?

Inspiring Quotations

"Leadership: "The truth is, everything that has happened in my life... that I thought was a crushing event at the time, has turned out for the better."

—Warren Buffett

"When one door of happiness closes, 
another opens. But often we look so long 
at the closed door that we do not see the one 
which has been opened before us.”

—Helen Keller

"There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge - both poverty and riches are offspring of thought."

—Napoleon Hill

"Whether you think you can, or think you can’t — you’re right."

—Henry Ford

"When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends"

—Japanese Proverb

Cameron's Corner
I told you I'd have pictures of my vacation.
So, I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed myself.

Pop thinks the placebo effect article is important. I thought you already knew it. Kids do, so you should. Have you forgotten? If I know it, you should. Me, I live it. I hope you do, also.

It's been an interesting week. I have been so recharged, I am running around and poor Pop is chasing me. It's fun. Fun for me.

Spotlight Article


Do you know what the placebo effect is?

It’s when someone takes a sugar pill that they believe is a medicine to cure an ailment they have and they recover. But, they did not receive medicine. So, how did they get better?

We heal ourselves by our belief. We get better when we believe we are getting better. We heal ourselves.

So, you can heal yourself. You are your own best doctor. Does that mean you should not go to a doctor, or take the medicine that is believed to help or cure an illness? No. If you so desire, you can take the medicine.

But, know it is your belief that is the greatest factor in determining the successful outcome of any illness. Belief is the greatest and best medicine.

The placebo effect is known and documented. Yet, we all seem to ignore it. But, we are living it every day of our lives. The placebo effect is part of our being and effecting us each and every day.

Thoughts are things, belief is a thing, it’s real, and it has a real and dramatic effect on who and what we are.

What does the placebo effect tell you about yourself? Your abilities? Your control over your body? Your control over your life?

The placebo effect is, in fact, the Secret. Much has been written and said about the Secret. The Secret of life itself. It is the placebo effect.

What is the placebo effect? It’s a belief. It’s our belief and the fact that our belief manifests itself in our lives and in our bodies. Belief is stronger and more effective than anything we have ever known.

We already have the power and the answer.

The problem is we believe our fears, our fears of failure, not being good enough, and of making mistakes in the eyes of our peers. Our false beliefs keep us from being who and what we are and who and what we can be.

Take a placebo and know you can do it, you are good enough, and your peers admire people who work at it and do what they themselves might not attempt to do.

Now that you see and understand the placebo effect, how will it effect you? How will it change your belief in yourself and your abilities? How will it change your life?

We need to focus on our beliefs and the feeling of the belief. Actually, belief is a feeling. Feeling/belief is the secret-the secret to living a life of value and meaning, the secret to living the life we came to earth to live. We know when the feeling is right and we know what is right for us.

Take a placebo. You won’t fail - you already know you can do it.

Take a placebo that your fear is gone - because fear is imaginary.

Take a placebo. Live the life you came to live.

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