Thursday, June 3, 2010
Spring Edition #119

Russell Russell R. Shippee
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How are you today?

For those in the USA, we just celebrated Memorial Day - a day to thank a Veteran for our freedom.

The weather was perfect in RI. We cruised on the schooner to Block Island and then to Newport with family. It was only three days, but it was a wonderful vacation and time together.

I was surprised at the number of responses last week. They all said vacation is what they wanted, what they needed, and what they looked forward to. I understand.

Vacation time is also time to recharge. Once we take a few days off we are able to get far more done in the days following vacation. To get more done, start with a few days off. Crazy? No, it works. Try it. But, once you take a few days off you have to focus back on work. Tell me how you make out.

No, Cameron did not go cruising on the sailboat. But he did meet us in the harbor riding with his parents in a rubber raft. He loves the water and boats.

For each of us, it's all about me. Me is you. It's what works for you or what does not work; but you do anyway. If it does not work, why do you do it, or continue to do it?

Sign up for the MY PLAN tele-seminar on June 16th at 10:00 AM EDT or June 16th at 3:00 PM EDT. Who should attend? Anyone who wants a better grip on his life, schedule, and the way he does things.


PS: People who have people to hold them accountable do more, accomplish more, and are happier and more fulfilled. Try it.


“Some things that don’t happen keep disasters from happening.”


"To everyone is given the key to heaven; the same key opens the gates of hell."

--Ancient Proverb

"Don't waste your time on a thing that results in a petty triumph unless you are satisfied with a life of petty issues. "

--John D Rockefeller

"it's easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities. "

-Sir Josiah Stamp

"You cannot escape the responsibility of 
tomorrow by evading it today."

-Abraham Lincoln


Cameron's Corner

"Pop" did not even ask me if I wanted to go sailing with him. Did he forget that I helped paint the bottom of the boat?

He could have asked. Is there anyone you have forgotten to ask? Do it NOW.

Camerons Smile If Pop reads my column maybe he'll ask me next time. If not, I'll print the article and put it on his desk to be sure he reads it.


So, take some time off but take a few good books with you. Yes, books on sales skills and life skills. You'll need them and they will help you. Or, smile like a kid and be nice. That also works. (Pearson Education)

I know it's about me. I know it's about what I do or do not do that gets me what I want or do not want. All I have to do is smile and I can get away with so much. But, if I misbehave, well, it's time out and I do not like that. You wouldn't either!

Spotlight Article


It’s all about me . . . It’s all my life . . . It’s all my fault . . . It’s all my responsibility . . . It’s all my reward . . . It’s all my effort.

Yes, it’s all about you. Your life is about you and those you let into your life. It’s your choice. It’s your choice who you allow in and who, if anyone, you allow to control or influence you. Your life, as it should, revolves around you with others, as chosen by you.

It’s your life and it’s all about you. Isn’t it? You can accept it as you have created it or, if dissatisfied with how you have created it, you can change it. It’s your life, you are in charge, and you can change it. It may be easy or it may be hard, but you can do it.

Yes, it’s all your fault. Whatever happens, or does not happen, rests with you. You attracted what you are and where you are today by your actions and deeds of the past. Life is a perfect balance. Not satisfied? Change your action, change your friends, and change your attitude. You will find, in time, it will still be your fault, but your fault that good things are happening in your life. Fault can be good or bad.

Yes, it’s all your responsibility. It’s your responsibility because you can and do make choices. The choice of activity, friends, and how you spend or waste your time. If you don’t get education you are responsible for the lack of education. If you don’t do your best at work you are responsible for the results. What you do, and how you act, creates your life.

Yes, what we consider bad things can and do happen to all of us at some point, or more than one point, in our lives. But, how we react, how we handle the situation, is our responsibility. Handled properly, the bad thing can end up being a benefit, a bonus leading to something much better than what we had. Being fired has been a benefit to many people.

Yes, it’s all your reward. Do good works and you’ll get a good reward. Do bad work, or no work, and you will still get a reward. But, the reward won’t feel good and will feel like a penalty or a negative. It is. The reward is based on what you have created and what you deserve. Rewards can be positive or negative based on what you have done or not done.

Yes, it’s all your effort. You are the one who has to do the work in your life. You are responsible for what you do or do not do. You have to make the effort first and foremost. No effort, no gain. Life is a balance of effort and reward, effort and success.

When you look at your life, look in a mirror. The mirror will show you the person responsible and, most importantly, the person who can change the results in an instant. Yes, in an instant you can change. You change on the inside with your attitude, your choices, and your commitment to yourself. It will then, over time, manifest to the outside world based on what you do and how you do it.

It’s all about you. Make the best of it.

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