Thursday, APRIL 22, 2010
Spring Edition #115

Russell Russell R. Shippee
Author, Speaker, Life Coach

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The boat is looking good. A coat of lipstick, fluff and buff, and she's almost ready to go. How about you?

Too often we wait until it, whatever it is, is perfect. Well, it's perfect for the moment, so do it, start. It's time to say yes, it's time to start, and it's time to stop the excuses of what else has to be done first. Just start.

If you are waiting for the perfect time to start something, that perfect time is NOW, today, this moment. It's all you have and it's the best you have. So, start. Take the first step. Make the first call. Pick up the pencil and paper. Something.

Kids start. Kids don't hesitate. That is why they learn so much, and develop so many skills in the first few years. They fearlessly start. They know the time is NOW. They know. They know better than we do!

Are you irreplaceable? See the article below.

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"If your only goal is to become rich, 
you will never achieve it."

--John D. Rockefeller

"Never let yesterday use up too much of today."

--Will Rogers

"Fear is nothing except a drain of energy and not a power unto itself. Trust in yourself, for therein lies the true power."

--Lori Hard

"The great thing in the world is not so much where we 
stand, as in what direction we are moving."

--Oliver Wendell Holmes jr


Cameron's Corner


Right now I am irreplaceable. But, I'm told, that too will change. So, I'll enjoy it to the fullest today, just in case it changes.

I do want to replace Grandpa doing this letter and writing the articles. Does that mean he's replaceable? Even if I replace him, it does not mean I don't like him.


As I told you for the last two weeks, Grandpa reads and recommends Jeffrey Gitomer's books. OK, I read one and now he wants me to read it again. If I have to read it again then you need to read one also! After the second reading I learned more; so Grandpa might be right on this one. Find them below at FTP Press. (Pearson Education)

I acted two at the supermarket with Grandpa when he said I could not get raisins. I cried and fussed to embarrass him and he kept on walking. The look on his face said he was not going to give in and he wanted to replace me.

Camerons SmileSo, I stopped crying!

Spotlight Article


You are irreplaceable. But, you can be and will be replaced.

We all should leave the world a better place. When we leave a job, an association, or a group we should be missed and appreciated for what we have done and the relationships we have made.

But, we all move on. We all change. We are replaceable. When we leave a job someone else fills it. They may do it differently, they may bring different skills, they may even be better at certain aspects of the job than we were. It will be different and different does not mean bad.

I sold my business in 1997 after 30 years. The new owners lost a lot of my loyal clients as I was no longer there. They replaced me and some of the clients liked the new person. Some missed me and wished I had stayed. But, they all made new relationships and moved on. They needed my service, or the service of someone else. There is always someone else to do what we have done.

What organizations did you give a lot of your time, talent and treasure to that you are no longer involved in? Did it continue on? Usually, the answer is yes. The organization may be different from when you were involved. You may or may not have agreed with the new angle, or the new twist, the organization took as you left. The issue is most organizations continue on and the people remaining support it.

As a business owner your job is to build an organization that has others who can replace you. Only with those potential replacements can the organization truly grow and prosper. In business our job is to replace ourselves.

As you are, you are irreplaceable. But, you will be replaced. The replacement will not be exactly like you. The replacement will have some better qualities and some that are not as good. Let’s just say your replacement will not be you, but will be different.

Being replaceable or irreplaceable should make you think. Be yourself. Be true to yourself and who you are. We are not to be anyone other than ourselves. No, there is no one exactly like you, nor should there be.

Live your life as yourself. When gone, you will be replaced. Celebrate your unique nature and abilities today and allow others to enjoy them also.

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