July 3, 2007
backup your tango! 

scroll back buttonThere's thousands of photos, phrases, and words on your tango! when you first turn it on.  And when you make changes or add pictures, there's even more.  So always backup your tango!  It's easier than you think!  (In fact, the tango! reminds you to do it every few weeks.)

Here's how to Backup your tango!

    Open the flap on the front of the tango!          
    Insert the SD card into the small slot on the left.
    The tango! will automatically prompt you to Backup.

There's a lot of information on your tango! so backup can take over an hour.  We suggest starting at bedtime, and attaching the AC power adapter.  Each backup overwrites the last, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Once you've run the backup, all your changes are saved on the handy SD Card included with your purchase. It's just another way the tango! lets you have greater independence.  And speaking of independence, have a great 4th of July!

For more information about the tango! or additional tips:
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