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July 8, 2011
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Top News


Apple to become a major player in pharma sales and marketing. I'm thinking yes - is this what you're seeing in your company?

PLUS - 6 recent sales training job postings, including a fresh one this morning in Oncology.


From the Blog

Time to Give up on Pharma and Social Media?     


Provocative headline, I know. But I'm asking a very important question here...


Plus - companies continue to ask the FDA for clear guidance on stuff.

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If your company is looking at an iPad strategy, I have the top-notch, experienced strategists and developers you need!


Do you need vendor recommendations? Just give us a call (973.947.7429) or send an e-mail (stevew at impactiviti dot com) and we'll identify the optimal vendor/partners for you in the Impactiviti Network! Yes, this is a free service (I work on a referral fee basis with my hand-selected partners). 


After Hours

Friday Stuff 


This week, a massive dust storm hit Phoenix. You may have seen some of the striking pictures. Scroll down to the breathtaking time-lapse video here.


Next week, I'm mostly taking downtime, so there will be no Impactiviti Connection on Friday. While we're thinking about that, here are 12 Important Reasons to Take Time Off

Thank you for reading, and let me know what connections I can make for you (and, please forward this e-mail to others in your company who may find it helpful!)





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