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March 26, 2010
The daffodils are up, we've had SOME sunny and warm weather...the long hibernation is about over. Whew!

The big news here...we're planning to move, back home to Connecticut (after 25 years in NJ). This will have no impact on the Impactiviti business, since it was designed from the ground up to be "portable" - so you'll notice little if any change (even the phone number will be the same). However, if you do know of anyone looking for a wonderful home in New Jersey: I know just the place! Both of these links lead to lots of pictures and details...

On with the newsletter....
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Training Connection
Training linksTwitter for Learning - 55 great articles. From Tony Karrar's blog.

Creating assessment questions that measure performance. By the ever-helpful Karl Kapp.

Book Recommendation: Switch, by Dan and Chip Heath (who wrote the fabulous Made to Stick). Very relevant for training and...well, life!

Looking to the future: Is this the future of knowledge-sharing?

Do your brand managers need marketing training? Let me know - we've got a great resource for you! If you need recommendations on a whole array of training programs/providers, just contact us here at Impactiviti. Our partner network has the resources you need.
Marketing Connection
Marketing linksBut Are We Communicating? A question and a rant about pharma communications and social media.

"I hate her uterus!" My summary of a very cool DTC campaign by EMD/Serono.

It's Time to Get Busy - coming soon, the group-authored book Age of Conversation 3 (I've contributed a chapter to each edition).

We all know about "reach and frequency." But what about "each and recently"?

Pharma blogging/tweeting - one or many? How should a pharma company go about establishing a social media beachhead?
What sort of recommendations have been requested lately? Clients have been asking for:

- Curriculum Design
- Leadership Development
- Marketing/brand manager training
What do you need? Just give us a call and we'll identify the optimal vendor/partners for you!
Conference season is gearing up again. At this link, some of the upcoming conferences I anticipate attending this year.

In May is a Social Communications and Healthcare conference put on by BDI (use like above to see listing and discount code).

If you're a pharmaceutical trainer, you definitely do NOT want to miss the SPBT this year, June 7-10 in Orlando. It's a wonderful time to build your professional network (and I will be doing a workshop on social networking).

Last year's ePatient Connections was a great event, and the second edition will be in October. I'll be a media partner once again, and there is a discount code at the link above as well.

Job Board
After HoursImpactiviti has launched a new Job Board, in conjunction with SimplyHired, which powers the internet job board on LinkedIn.

Check it out!
After Hours
After HoursTwo bucks and a kiss. Something Grandpa left behind...

Some amazing cappuccino artworks.

When it comes to idiocy, this is hard to beat. Bank robbers call ahead for the money to be ready.

It's about that time. Top 100 April Fool's pranks.
Thanks for reading, and let me know what connections I can make for you! (oh, and please forward this e-mail to others in your company who may find it helpful - click the link below!)
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