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Sept 18 2009
Welcome to the Impactiviti Connection. For three years, you've received the Impactiviti Collection - we've now re-designed the format and the content, hopefully to continue to improve on meeting your needs for information and networking. Enjoy!
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Training Connection
Training linksSitting down with a pharma training client recently, for a high-level strategy discussion, I came loaded with my 10 Questions. This is what you need to think through for any major project; training, marketing, or whatever. See what you think - what would you add?
Marketing Connection
Marketing links
I try to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening with Social Media and eMarketing within the pharma industry. Where do I look for information? Here are my trade secrets.

Had the chance to visit Vermont recently. How do they brand and marketing themselves, as a state? It's pretty interesting, actually (from my StickyFigure blog, which focuses on branding/marketing/social networking)
What sort of recommendations have been requested lately? Clients have been asking for:

- Hospital Selling program
- Sales Incentive program consulting
- Key Account Management training
- On-line training library mini-modules
What do you need? Just give us a call and we'll identify the optimal vendor/partners for you!
It's going to be a busy autumn on the conference front. Here's a listing of the current pharma conferences I plan to attend, with links for you to register as well (and discount codes in a couple cases!)

Are there any others you know of that I should be thinking about?
After Hours
After HoursWho doesn't like optical illusions? Here's a web page with eight that will blow your mind!
Job Searching? Here are some helpful, targeted links for pharma professionals.
Thanks for reading, and let me know what connections I can make for you! (oh, and please forward this e-mail to others in your company who may find it helpful - click the link below!)
Steve Woodruff
President, Impactiviti
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