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Domination. Get It. June 2009
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June 24, 2009
Eloise Hope Mansfield graduates from Hall High!

July 8-11, 2009
Birmingham, AL

July 16-18, 2009
Orlando, FL

August 14-15, 2009
Austin, TX

September 20-23, 2009
"TOP TEN Customer Retention Tools"
Seattle, WA

October 8-10, 2009
Atlanta, GA

October 14-16, 2009
Manchester, NH

October 22-24, 2009
APOA Business Meeting
Panama City, FL

October 23-24, 2009
Doubletree Hotel
Columbus, OH

November 7, 2009

January 24-27, 2010
Sheraton Maui
Maui, Hawaii

Last call for abstracts for the PacRim meeting.
Submit yours TODAY!

March 24-27, 2010

May 9-15, 2010
Leipzig, Germany

June 2-5, 2010
Clearwater, FL

Just got back from the Midwest chapter meeting - pictures - where I did my "Greening Your Bottom Line" presentation.

Going Green. Super hot right now.
A green marketing campaign based on your going green efforts.  Guaranteed to get you all kinds of publicity.
We are talking INFERNO, people!

Did they get it?
Well, in all fairness, it was 7:30 in the morning, but gut says no, most of them didn't get it.

Here's another example of getting it. Does it sound familiar?

Internet Speed Defined - getting it versus Getting It

Jim Lecinski from Google's Chicago office has a chart he loves to show in client presentations. It slaps you upside the head with the reality of "Internet speed."
He first recounts a typical conversation with a client that falls squarely in the first category of "getting it."

Jim: "What are you doing with your online campaigns?"

"Oh, we have a lot happening. We're expanding our keyword list next quarter and we'll optimize that campaign over the following quarter. In Q3 and 4 we're going to run some experiments with social media that we're excited about. For the next fiscal, we've built more into the budget for better tracking and attribution. That will help as we move to cross-channel optimization because we'll get great data showing us what's working and what's not. That will also allow us to step up our landing page testing and optimization."

Jim: "So, you've got your plans set out for about 18 to 24 months ahead?"

Client: "You bet. We're moving very quickly."

Then Jim shows them the Google Trends graph that reminds them that both...

YouTube and FaceBook went from Zero to Internet domination in under 24 months.

Further, few people had heard of Twitter 12 short months ago.


That's "Getting It."

If you ain't got a facebook business page and a twitter account and a YouTube channel set up already - even if you don't know exactly what you're going to do with them yet, don't Get It.

Elizabeth Mansfield

PS - if you want to Get It, email me now.

YouTubelogo Are You Where THEY Can Find You???

YTLTHEY being your customers, referral sources, target markets, etc.

According to comScore...
(While many businesses are spending their time worrying about getting on the top of Google, YouTube has been sneaking up to be the number 2 search engine knocking Yahoo to number 3.)

YouTube is now the #2 search destination IN THE WORLD.

Why aren't you on it?

Seriously? Why not?

It's the #2 search destination in the world.

You cannot get more visually interesting than O&P.
Visually interesting works on TV. YouTube is TV.

Do it. Before everyone else does. Need a YouTube channel of your very own?  Email me.
Megaman_small Marketing Magic!

"Horn Tooter" for Patient Care Facilities
Customer Acquisition and Retention Program

Are you looking for some marketing magic?

Are you looking for a powerful marketing tool that you can implement immediately?

Are you looking for something where you don't have to do any of the work?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then pay close attention.

Monthly newsletters help develop customer (patient, client, referral source) loyalty and solidify long-term relationships by building trust and confidence in you, your staff and your practice.  Mailing direct response, print newsletters are not new.  The concept is right on but their cost and the effort can VERY quickly outweigh their effectiveness.

O&P is a business.
You've got all kinds of economic pressures.  HIPAA compliance.  Medicare regulations.  OSHA regulations, facility accreditation....the list goes on.  You need to run your practice like a business
You need to use basic marketing principles to retain existing patients, referral sources and influencers (customers) and to prospect for new ones.  The Internet is redefining how an O&P practice is run and how you communicate with and market. 

You are an expert.  Shouldn't you be seen that way?
Perception is everything in the eyes of potential customers. 
Do they see you as the practitioner who will do the best job, kept up with all the new technology, components and techniques? Have you them about all the continuing education courses you've taken? Meetings you've attended?

The best way to communicate this and to position your practice - to make your business look the way you think it should -  is to communicate regularly and consistently with your target markets.  Pictures.  Articles.  Office news.  Staff changes.  Insurance updates.  Industry news. 
Even your most loyal patients need to be reminded about who you are, what services you provide, what charitable organizations and activities you support.  People are busy.  They forget unless they are reminded - often.  Stay in front of people and you'll stay top of mind.
You can communicate with all your patients, referral sources, potential patients and referral sources, colleagues, media AND track how successful and cost-effective your efforts are.

If you wanted to keep in touch the old-fashioned way, you could send a color newsletter to your mailing list every month.  Who's going to write it? Who's going to print it? How much is it going to cost if you print it out yourself versus sending it to the printer? How will you get it to patients? Will you mail it out? Who's going to address them and put the postage on? How large is your list? Is everyone going to get one? Once it's mailed, how do you know who's received it and who's read it?
Lots of work for you (or someone on your staff) and LOTS of money and - unless someone calls to tell you they read it - NO quantifiable results.    Wow, bummer!

The answer?

The answer is a program is called "Horn Tooter" - Customer Relationship Builder.
We design and format your email newsletter for you.  We provide your web developer with the code for your sign up box for your website.  We develop all the content. Remember, all web sites are reactive in that you have to rely on people to consciously make a decision to search for and visit your site.  Your email newsletter is proactive.  It is sent out to your list and it brings people back to your site.  Talk about proactively driving traffic to your site! Every month your professionally designed, full-color email newsletter will be sent out with informative articles, eye-catching images and links. 


And you don't have to do any of the work.

The "Horn Tooter" allows you to target specific categories - as simple as orthotics or prosthetics - or more specific - such as upper extremity prosthetics or pediatrics.  They can be forwarded easily so customers who forward your newsletter to their friends and family become part of your marketing team.  Nothing is more powerful than a personal recommendation

How will you know if it works? As part of your "Horn Tooter" program, you'll receive tracking reports.  You'll be notified every time someone signs up to receive your newsletter.  Whenever an issue goes out, you'll receive statistics on who opened the email newsletter - right down to the date and time they opened it, what links they clicked on and who they forwarded it to.  In addition, as part of the program, everyone who signs up for your newsletter will receive a custom email thank you letter from you, thanking them for signing up and becoming part of your online community.
They'll love it.  Every time an issue goes out, people will respond.  You'll see - they love being kept up to date on what's new in orthotics and prosthetics, what's new with your staff and they love to read stories and testimonials

By now, you should be emotionally involved in the belief that using an email newsletter as part of your overall marketing plan can be fun, effective and can instantly set you apart from your competition.  You might still have some concerns.

"We don't have very many email addresses so it wouldn't be cost-effective."  It doesn't matter.  Just get started and everything will quickly fall into place.  Unlike print newsletters, the cost doesn't fluctuate and once you start informing people - on your website and using word of mouth - they'll sign up.  Just think about how many patients you see in a month. 

"I don't have time for marketing" OR "I hate 'marketing"." You don't have to do anything.  We do it for you.  You don't have to like "marketing." We do it for you.  (You'll love the results, though!)

"My patients don't all have email addresses.  Not everybody will get the email newsletter."
You're right.  BUT, a lot of them do have email addresses and more and more people are online every single day (there are over 1.7 billion internet users worldwide) AND unlike sending them something in the mail and never, ever knowing if they got it or opened it up, you'll know right away!

Marketing Magic. Get It. TODAY.