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April 2009

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If you're a subscriber to my regular O&P Marketing newsletter, I just want to let you know that the MM newsletter is not going to come out as often as the regular O&P Marketing email newsletter.
It will come out from time to time when I've got something of particular interest to Mastectomy Marketers!

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Make Some Noise!

Are You Making Announcements?

You should be!

Making announcements about stuff you're doing (services you're providing, events you're participating in - stuff you're doing anyway!!)  is a GREAT way to get exposure - especially online. And that's what you want - exposure, want to make some noise for your business!

FYI - I get Google Alerts on all kinds of O&P topics. 
I just got one on Friday. Here's an excerpt.
"...Life after breast cancer can be overwhelming, especially when adjusting to body and appearance changes. To help women maintain a positive self-image after breast cancer, the Baptist Women's Boutique is offering a free fitting event today and Friday, March 26 and 27. Appointments are available from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m...."

Baptist is far away from West Hartford, CT but there I was reading about it in my living room - I love, love, love how the internet can help you AMPLIFY your regular old word of mouth!

Read the whole announcement
Facebook: Are you on it? Great, but is YOUR BUSINESS ON IT?!

Get a Business Page.  It's EASY!

From HubSpot:

"Welcome to a world of conversations and relationships. Facebook is not an evil time-waster, a community just for college students, or something scary or irrelevant for marketers - even you B2B folks. Facebook is a tool (a social utility, as they would say) for connecting people with those around them. And, as with any social media tool, marketers have an opportunity to use Facebook to expand their online footprint and engage with customers directly. Join this free webinar to learn how to get started using Facebook to market your business."

To watch the archived webinar, click here.

PS - If you are going to be at the TAOP in San Antonio, I'm doing a Got facebook? Marketing Workshop on Using Social Networking For Your Business Workshop on Friday from 1:30-3:30.  Let me know if you're going to be there!!
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Promote Yourself AND Your Business - the EASY way!
AALOS_MarchPeople like to do business with people/companies they:
  • Know
  • Like
  • Trust
HOW can YOU get them to:
  • know you BETTER
  • like you BETTER
  • trust you
Keep them in the loop about your products, staff, events, services, raving fans, interesting stories, changes in insurance coverage ANNOUNCEMENTS,  etc.,

With a custom email newsletter for your Mastectomy business.

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