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March 2009
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Here I am in Farmingdale, NY on Long Island at Chipotle's with my dad, Ronald F. Altman, CPO (e). 

You can read all about what I have to say about him in last month's AOPA Almanac article entitled:
"Who is your most memorable mentor in the O&P industry- someone who guided you personally and professionally?"



Elizabeth Mansfield

PS - Some of you liked the new layout last week, some of you loved it butTerry said he liked the old one better because it was more organized. So, I'm trying this layout. Terry??
Church_main Marketing is Marketing is Marketing...

Right?!  I say it all the time, but it's true.  It doesn't matter what your business is - whether it's running a Church or providing O&P services or selling cars. 

One of my favorite marketing blogs is "Church Marketing Sucks."

Don't freak out!!
They call it Church Marketing Sucks because they think that church marketing sucks and they are trying to help churches market more effectively.

They recently blogged about a church that is doing a Hyundai Assurance-type marketing campaign.

Lose Your Job, Get Your Offering Back
It's the story of one church who is making a guarantee: If you lose your job, we'll give your offering back.

And let me tell you - it's making BIG news on the internet.

So is Jos. A. Banks - who will give you your money back if you buy a suit and lose your job.

So, if marketing is marketing....

Any of you O&Pers doing a Hyundai Assurance/Church/Jos A. Banks type marketing campaign??????
Twitter_logo 1,382% Growth
Are you Tweeting?

Twitter experienced 1,382% year-over-year growth in February 2009, with the number of total unique visitors increasing from 475,000 in February 2008 to seven million last month, according to Nielsen Online. This increase makes Twitter the fastest growing member community site for the month.

According to Nielsen Online, Twitter continues to grow in popularity and importance in both the consumer and corporate worlds, where it has morphed into a tool with which brands can reach customers and other stakeholder constituents.

The ability to access Twitter through the PC-based web, the mobile web, and through text messages is also a factor in the site's growth, Nielsen said.


All Star Email Newsletter All Star!

I just got this yesterday!
I was VERY proud because you know how much I absolutely love providing email newsletters for my clients...because IT WORKS!

Dear Elizabeth,

You've done a great job educating your clients about how permission-based email marketing can help drive their businesses. You've encouraged them to communicate regularly with their customers and members-and they have. Your clients are delivering communications that their customers and members are clearly interested to hear. They have maintained sound permission-based email marketing and list management best practices.

All of these indicate to us that your clients made excellent use of Constant Contact last year. And we noticed!

That's why we are proud to designate you, in addition to your clients, as a 2008 Constant Contact All Star! You're part of a special group of our business partners that we want to thank for setting a great example through your support and encouragement of your clients' responsible email marketing practices. Congratulations!

"Horn Tooter" for patient care facilities

"Horn Tooter" for vendors/manufacturers