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Why You DON'T Need a Website Anymore!
March 2009

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Mmmmmm donuts...

If you're a long time subscriber, you already know about my AskElizabeth Firestarters. 
If you don't know, click here.

This month's Firestarter is Craig B. (not using his last name since I didn't ask him if I could)

I got a call  yesterday from Craig B., (subscriber since 8/6/08) telling me that he has "torn a strip" (my words, not his) off his IT staff because clearly something is wrong with their company's server since he has NOT received my newsletter since January!!!!

I told him not to tell the IT dept but, I haven't sent one since Jan. but THANKS Craig for missing me enough to yell at people! You are a great Firestarter!

I have been re-formatting the newsletter and working on my upcoming presentations...

And Jennings was home on winter break, there was the AAOP meeting, a family reunion for my grandmother's 100th birthday and the US ISPO meeting in the DR and all the preliminary work on the US ISPO PacRim meeting next January in Hawaii.

BTW - Abstracts for Hawaii are now being accepted, click here.

Please let me know ASAP if you like the new format or if you liked the old one better. Email me.


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got FMO? (or Why You Don't Need a Website Anymore!)

FMO This (short) post is by the guy (Paul Dunay) who is writing the book called "Facebook Marketing for Dummies"

"...With Facebook Fan pages you can build your own website on the Facebook "Platform". A website that is totally FREE of hosting and server costs, public and indexable on all search engines, with unique URL's for individual landing pages that you can tune based on if they are Fans or Non Fans, where you can host all your video (so long as it is under 10mb) and upload your product catalog with detailed descriptions (and get feedback from Fans)..."

Read it here.

Scroll down to see O&Pers who've got FMO!

PS - if you need some to do your FMO, email me.
O&P Marketing Gold Star
Golden_star It's been awhile so there are a whole bunch of Gold Star O&P marketers in the news!

Michigan Orthopedic Services and their "Foot for Tyler" PR campaign.

The U.S. Small Business Administration has named J. Douglas Call, president of Virginia Prosthetics, Inc., as Virginia's 2009 Small Business Person of the Year.

Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital - nice video! (Is it on YouTube???)

O&P Businesses with Facebook pages/groups

Heritage Medical Corp.
Axis Prosthetics
Scheck & Siress
A Step Ahead
Twin City Orthotics & Prosthetics
Grace Prosthetics
Hedgecock Artificial Limb

What do the Facebookers know that you don't?
Top Ten Secrets to Social Network Superstardom
Mmmmmm donuts!

Dunkin Donuts A new Dunkin' Donuts contest running through April 7 is encouraging donut lovers to create DD's next flavor by using a special online donut-creation tool.

The winner will bag a $12,000 grand prize, and the winning flavor will be sold in DD stores.


Email Newsletters as a marketing tool? It's a NO BRAINER.

No Brainer Once you start, you're gonna wonder why you waited so long!

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