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Get Some Green
January 2009
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Green. The color of money.
The Pope says...
A whole year's worth of O&P marketing ideas, just for you!
You don't have to do it all yourself.

In 2005, the Mayo Clinic thought there might be something to all this "social media" marketing
so a few of the public affairs employees hastily podcasted a 60-second broadcast radio feed normally provided to radio stations.

And in one month, they had 76,000 listeners.

Healthcare meets social networking and the results are amazing.

Don't be greedy and keep this all to yourself!
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The color of money.

Best_sneakersI love it when "they" make it easy for YOU to get some free publicity.

(Especially when it's for doing something that doesn't even cost you any money - and helps people!)

Collect old sneakers.

Just do it!

Organizations like Soles4Souls and One World Running donate used sneakers to those in need.

Nike will transform worn-out shoes (of any brand) into Nike Grind, which is used as a surface material for basketball courts and running tracks.

Looking for a local shoe recycling program?

Find directories here and here.

Don't forget to write and distribute your press release and/or post it on your website or blog or send it out in your email newsletter!
The Vatican Goes Viral.

VaticanWhat does the Pope, yes, the Pope, have to say about Web 2.0?

Find out.

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It's a whole year's worth of O&P marketing ideas, just for YOU!

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January 28-31
"Word of Mouse" Web Workshop
1/29 4 pm
Juan Dolio, Domican Republic

March 4-7
OPAF will be having First Bid
Atlanta, GA

March 9-10
ACA Lobby Day
Washington, DC

April 21
"Take Charge of Your Practice"
Albany, NY

April 22
"Customer Retention - That was easy!"
HME Expo and Conference
Baltimore, MD

April 23-27
AALOS Annual Cruise.
This time to the Bahamas.

June 11-12
Lake Geneva, WI

June 19
Eloise Hope Mansfield graduates from Hall H.S.

July 9-11,
APOA Annual Meeting
Birmingham, AL

July 28
Ronald F. Altman, CPO(e)
(My dad)
70th birthday party

Sept 20-23, 2009
Seattle, WA

October 22-24,
APOA Business Workshop
Bay Point Marriott
Panama City, FL

January 24-27, 2010
Maui, Hawaii
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