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January 2009
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Marketing Budget
Seven Tips to Move Your Print Newsletter to Email
A whole year's worth of O&P marketing ideas, just for you!
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Happy New Year!

There are still a couple of you out there who promised me a photo in 2008....

I won't mention any names. YET!

So, if you've got a "got buzz?" hat or an tshirt and you promised me a picture but you haven't sent it yet.  Email it to me. Please.

Thanks Dad!

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Marketing Budget: What to do in '09?

Ferguson hill loudspeakerCrank it up.

From my favorite law firm marketing blogger, Tom Kane.

(Marketing is marketing. 
It doesn't matter if it's law firm marketing or healthcare marketing or accounting firm marketing.)

"Yep! While a number of large law firms are cutting lawyers and staff, it is no secret that budgets, including marketing budgets, are being trimmed for the coming year. Unfortunately that is shortsighted. In fact, it may reduce the amount of new business harvested in the coming year.

If business development is good for law firms in good times, spending dollars on marketing in a down economy makes even better sense. Why?

Because while others are cutting back, (cutting back? how bout going out of business??) there will be less marketing 'noise' out in the marketplace and more chances to be noticed."


He's right. So, make A LOT of marketing noise!

Do you really want everyone thinking you're just another casualty of the economy? 
If they don't hear from/about you, how do they know you're still around???

Like the speaker? Ferguson Hill Loudspeakers.
Seven Tips to Move Your Print Newsletter to Email
From Network for Good (a non-profit fundraising guide)

This is assuming that you want to.
Which you should.
Tell me -
  • What kind of stats/analytics are available for your print newsletter?
  • How much does all that postage cost you?

1. Don't try the short-cuts!
Sending a PDF of your print newsletter out as an attachment to an email list is NOT an email newsletter.
Neither is sending a one-line email that says "Click here to read our newsletter on our website."
If you are going to use email to communicate regularly with your supporters, create a real e-newsletter, with real content in the email itself.

2. Dissect your old print newsletter.
Not everything that you included in your print newsletter will be right for your email newsletter. For example, if you had a large calendar of events in print, it's best to highlight only a few events in an email newsletter with links to a full calendar on your website. Think about what belongs where online - not everything will work in an email.

The rest of the tips.
Think YOU should get a Marketing Gold Star?
Tell me why.  Send me an email or call 860-967-4184


Elizabeth Mansfield
Outsource Marketing Solutions, LLC

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January 28-31
"Word of Mouse" Web Workshop
1/29 4 pm
Juan Dolio, Domican Republic

March 4-7
OPAF will be having First Bid
Atlanta, GA

March 9-10
ACA Lobby Day
Washington, DC

April 21
"Take Charge of Your Practice"
Albany, NY

April 22
"Customer Retention - That was easy!"
HME Expo and Conference
Baltimore, MD

April 23-27
AALOS Annual Cruise.
This time to the Bahamas.

June 11-12
Lake Geneva, WI

June 19
Eloise Hope Mansfield graduates from Hall H.S.

July 9-11,
APOA Annual Meeting
Birmingham, AL

July 28
Ronald F. Altman, CPO(e)
(My dad)
70th birthday party

Sept 20-23, 2009
Seattle, WA

October 22-24,
APOA Business Workshop
Bay Point Marriott
Panama City, FL

January 24-27, 2010
Maui, Hawaii
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