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Ladies Ride
December 2008

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Harley Davidson Markets to Women
Fitting the female form
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Happy New Year!

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC), an Irvine, Calif.-based industry organization, says women now account for 12.6% of motorcycle riders.

A 29% increase since 2003 and up from 4% in 1990.

The Council says that in 2003, about 23.5 million people in the U.S. operated a motorcycle.

Women account for 4.3 million of them.

Harley Davidson - in business since 1903 - thinks it's important to market specifically to women. 
Harley Davidson knows all about Niche Marketing.  Women = niche.

Did you know that women make 80% of healthcare decisions?

Do you market specifically to women?

If you don't, you should. Need tips?

Busines Week Online's Marketing to Women slideshow.

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Harley Davidson Knows Where the Money's At.

The company, which has had a microsite for female riders (yeah! microsites!!) at their website since 2004, this year began offering a downloadable book titled "We Ride" on its site, and at dealerships.

The 48-page book--intended to get women to ride motorcycles--features information on how and where women can learn to ride, including Harley's "Rider's Edge" class, and how to fit a motorcycle.

It also has info on riders groups and "real people" stories.

Also this year, H-D ran a promotion called "Bikes, Camera, Action!" in which riders could upload two-minute films about women and riding.

The winner got a digital video camera, $5,000, a branded leather jacket and a gift certificate to rent a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson's approximately 680 dealerships across the country are also hosting free women-only garage parties, where women can check out Harley-Davidson motorcycles, gear, and accessories.
Fitting the female form: Do new prosthetic knee replacements for women really make a difference?

Doctors have known for years that women's knees are different from men's.

Women's knees are narrower, they attach at a slightly different angle, and they are more prone to injury.

Now the business world is catching on.

As scientists learn more about the biomechanics of women's bodies, companies are using the information to market everything from women's mountain bikes to women's knee braces.


Boys and girls have about the same rate of knee injuries until they reach puberty.

Then around age 12, girls develop a vulnerability to knee injury that far surpasses that of boys.

Athletic girls are two to eight times more likely than their male counterparts to injure their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the band that keeps the shin bone from popping out in front of the knee.

Then, as they move into adulthood, women are more likely than men to suffer arthritis in their knees. About 70 percent of knee-replacement surgery patients are women.

Niche it. Like Harley Davidson.

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