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December 2008

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Okay people, not a lot of blah, blah, blah today. 

Because you why read when you can watch THIS?!
(He really is the best boyfriend ever.)

Now, let's get down to business!

How about a Year End Marketing To Do List?

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Year End To Do: Website

Go to your website.
I AM NOT KIDDING. When was the last time you visited your own site?

First things first. 
Did you need to type in www. in order to be able to get there? If so, fix that!  It's like so 2000. 

Click on all your links. 
Fix/delete broken/dead links.

Take a look at the photos. 
Is that cute pedi patient now 27 years old and getting married? May be time for a new photo.

Update them.  Seriously.  It's time.

Do you have any new products and/or services that aren't listed on your site.  Make a list and add them.  How about stuff you don't do or sell anymore?  Equally as important.  Get them off there!!! 

Are you using MapQuest or Google maps or some other mapping site to allow people to obtain their own directions to your location? That's sooooooooo old school.

Here's a better idea. 

Why is it a better idea? 
Portable GPS devices are the hottest Christmas gift for 2008...

Imagine visitors to your website could download your address, POI's or route description onto their TomTom device and then navigate to you with just a tap on the screen.

Maybe you want to help customers find their way to your office. (Who doesn't?!?!?)

All you have to do is create an 'Add to TomTom' button using one of the 3 simple wizards below that guides you through the whole process in a matter of minutes.

When a visitor to your website clicks on the 'Add to TomTom' button, within seconds your address will be downloaded onto their TomTom device.

And that's all there is to it! What are you waiting for?
Do it now.

Year End To Do: Publicity
As you're setting up your publicity calendar for 2009 remember these tips for writing and distributing press releases.

(1) Focus on the customer's needs, not your own,
(2) offer 'useful tips' which can do as well as 'hot news', and
(3) include videos in your press releases.

If you can't/don't want to include video in the release, include the link to your YouTube channel or video!

Just for fun. Kinda like presents.
Milwaukee Bucks 4 pack of tickets plus food for $59.00

World Premiere of "The Brothers Kazmarov" in Chicago for $25.00

Choral Christmas Concert by the San Francisco Symphony tickets for $15.00

Disney on Ice in Cleveland tickets for $7.00

4 pack of tickets for Cirque du Soleil in Texas for $100.00

Knicks tickets for four games. $99.00 including food.

2 day double decker bus tour
in NYC with Free Admissions for $44.00

Celine Dion tickets in MN. $25.00

Radio City Christmas Spectacular in Kansas City tickets for $25.00
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