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If you build it, will they come? 
And - will they come back?

October 2008

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Keep 'em coming back to your website
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If You Don't Toot Your Own Horn, Who Will?

This ain't your father's Field of Dreams.

If you build it (it being your website) will they come?

If they come, do they/will they come back?

(I don't know - what do your website analytics say?)

How do you get them to come back????

Give them a reason - and a method - for getting back to your site.

I'll give you a hint.  It rhymes with toenail go-getter.
Keep 'em coming back (and back, and back to your site!) It's all about value.

Email newsletter (I told you it rhymes with toenail go-getter)

However - people won't sign up to get more e-mail unless they believe they will receive value from doing so.

So what value could you offer site visitors in the form of an e-mail newsletter?

Consider these:

  • Helpful how-to articles
  • Industry updates and analyses
  • Links to new trends and important news articles
  • Product reviews
  • Events
If you're a patient care facility - info that's not directly related to patient care but is useful and will be appreciated.
  • Adaptive vehicle info
  • Funding info
  • How/where to donate used prostheses/orthoses
  • Important contact info (Insurance commissioner, Atty General)
If you're a vendor/manufacturer.
  • L-coding updates
  • CMS policy changes
  • MSDS sheet downloads
REMEMBER - the email newsletter can just link right back to your site (and/or your YouTube channel or your blog or your microsite) - make that site/those sites work FOR you! 

Drive that traffic - make more money.

Got a second?
Read Email Hygiene: Six Ways to Polish Your (Email) List.
AskElizabeth.Net Logo Wear Spotted on the....
Great Wall of China.

Yes.  The Great Wall of CHINA!

(And in Detroit, Myrtle Beach...)

Oh, and if you're one of the MANY "got buzz?" hat recipients - and you know who you are - you've been very neglectful in sending in your photos. 

I'll be ordering (from Commercial Threadworks) soon for 2009 and if you want a new one - you're going to have to send me the picture you owe me!
Marketing Gold Stars Galore!
Big gold star to the Kaufman's of Yale Surgical for their very rapid implementation of their viral marketing plan!

One day they were attending the (now famous) "What's a Wiki"" talk by yours truly and the next.....they had videos up on YouTube!

Well done Ed and Marie! Click here to view.

Golden_starBig guy.  Big star.  Another big gold star for Tony Culver and Grace Prosthetics. 

Talk about your non-traditional marketing method. 

Nice job Tony!
Click here.
Think YOU should get a Marketing Gold Star?
Tell me why.  Send me an email or call 860-967-4184


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If You Don't Toot Your Own Horn, Who Will?
Email marketing is the most cost-effective and quantifiable channels to communicate -whether it's


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When used strategically, permission-based email marketing can become your number one customer acquisition and retention tool, and provide demonstrable ROI.

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