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October 2008

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Quote of the day.

"People are looking ONLINE for their health-care needs," John Mangano, senior director of comScore's Pharmaceutical Marketing Solutions practice, tells Marketing Daily. "It's clear the more you market, the more [consumers are] going to your site."

Great, very SHORT article from Dr. Daniel Sands on
what ePatients want.

Or if you've got 3 mins and 6 seconds to watch it, click here.

Which leads us right into online reputation management....
Six FREE Tools for Online Reputation Management

From Marketing Profs online.

"Online reputation management consists of tracking your brand and reacting when necessary.

Though sometimes tedious, brand monitoring can save you from a potential disaster when someone cites your name in an article that misrepresents you. Aside from protection, it can help you proactively join conversations around your topic area, helping to get your brand name out there.

It's almost 2009... and if you aren't active online you are missing valuable opportunities to advertise your value to the world - through articles, blog entries, social-network profiles, comments, videos and more.

As both a content producer and consumer, your name is being spread throughout each of these circuits by people you might not even know. In fact, research firm IDC finds that there is more content being created about you than you create yourself."

I think this is my...."If you aren't blogging, you're being being blogged about" quote again, right?

Get Six Free Tools, here.

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Elizabeth Mansfield
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If You Don't Toot Your Own Horn, Who Will?
Email marketing is the most cost-effective and quantifiable channels to communicate -whether it's


Selling products and services

Disseminating info and updates


Streamlining ordering.

When used strategically, permission-based email marketing can become your number one customer acquisition and retention tool, and provide demonstrable ROI.

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