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How naked is your company?

September 2008

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How Naked Are You?
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Thanks for giving me the topic for this week's newsletter!

Today's topic: "Why I love it when my kids say...
'OMG!!! Mom, you are soooo embarassing!' AND
'You are SUCH a dork!' AND
'You are SO NOT putting this on your blog!' "


"To know you better is to love you more."

What am I talking about? Naked marketing.

Radical transparency = know, like, trust.

I use a lot of pictures on my blog. My kids think I am a dork. And you know I talk about them in this newsletter.


I had a brand new subscriber come up to me at the AOPA meeting and ask me how my son was doing at college!

Craig B., my new subscriber, knew what I looked like - from my newsletter photo - and knew that Jennings had just gone off to school because I talked about it a couple issues ago.
See, he felt he already knew me. That's good!

Who else gets "naked" for their company?
Bill McLellan
Bernabe Duran
How Naked Are You?

People do business with those they know, like and trust.
Bob Burg

Although getting - literally - naked would help people get to know you, they might not like you :)

But, when it comes to creating and maintaining a relationship - especially online - pictures are worth a thousand words.
(And blogs and email newsletters are worth more than that!! Watch "The Marketing Value of Blogs" on YouTube.)

They can really help with the know, like, trust.

Can Transparency equal know, like, trust?
Just ask Glenn Kelman.

From the "See-Through CEO"
" 'Online is where reputations are made now,' says Leslie Gaines Ross, chief reputation strategist with the PR firm Weber Shandwick. She regularly speaks to companies that realize a single Google search determines more about how they're perceived than a multimillion-dollar ad campaign. 'It used to be that you'd look only at your reputation in newspapers and broadcast media, positive and negative. But now the blogosphere is equally powerful, and it has different rules. Public relations used to be about having stuff taken down, and you can't do that with the Internet.'... algorithms do not favor the cagey or secretive. They favor the prolific, the outgoing, the shameless. In the Reputation Economy, even a healthy, happy company needs to worry about its good name if only six or seven people are talking about (and linking to) it. When that's the case, 'a casual reader has only a few opinions to determine what sort of company or person you are,' says Peter Hirshberg, chair of the blog search engine Technorati. One bad blog post (by someone else) can kill you."

If you would like to download the first chapter of the book "Age of Transparency" for free click here.
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To Anthony Velazquez, U.S. Orthotics for getting (almost) naked in the latest issue of the U.S. Orthotics Online (his email newsletter.)

How'd he do it?

Click here to find out.

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