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August 2008
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Q-Tip Marketing
If people can't SEE what's on your site..
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Back in the day, Dr. Breer, my kids' pediatrician told me not to use Q-tips to clean their ears. "Tools of the Devil" he called them.
(The Q-tips - not the kids!)

They are so easy to use - and so soft and innocent looking and they make your ears feel so nice and clean - how could they possibly be "Weapons of Ear Destruction?!"
(Still talking about the Q-Tips - not the kids!)

They are Tools of the Devil and Weapons of Ear Destruction because they are sooooo easy to use the wrong way.  And using them the wrong way - even though it might feel so good - will hurt you in the long run.

Kind of like these Marketing Tools...of the Devil below.

PS - the one on the right turned 18 on August 1st.
I may have used one Q-tip too many on him. 
He never seems to hear anything I say?!

PPS - if you're going to Chicago and you didn't get your room yet and you can't get one at the Hyatt try booking one through the Chicago Visitors and Convention Center site or Hotwire.
Good luck.
Marketing Tools of the Devil

According to the father of guerilla marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, there are over 200 forms of marketing. 
Each and every one can be misused ala the Q-tip. 
I'm not going to do all 200 plus today.

Let's just start with internet marketing strategy.
O&P web sites, in particular.

13 Ways to Generate Customer Hate

  1. Flash
  2. Mouse Trails
  3. Blink Tags
  4. Animated Buttons
  5. Pop Ups
  6. and more

Or How To Use Your Web Site To Piss Off Your Site Visitors
by making them do, see, watch, hear what they DON'T want to.

And if you don't think you agree with the 13 ways -

read what usability guru Jakob Nielsen has to say about
Web Users Getting More Ruthless

Speaking of usability - did you see Making Text Legible?
Think you should get a Marketing Gold Star?
Tell me why.  Send me an email or call 860-967-4184


Elizabeth Mansfield
Outsource Marketing Solutions, LLC

If people can't see what's on your website, how are they going to read it?
Making Text Legible
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