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June 2008
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Hi Elizabeth!
Don't Hide the Subscribe
Fillauer Goes YouTubing!

Marketing ideas with staying power.  As in they stick around - forever.

Pretty much anything on the internet - See Fillauer's YouTube videos...
Tee shirts - Bryan Finley, CP sent in the letter below.
Mouse pads. (I've got a nice Ossur Affiliated Facilities one - not kidding.)

What do you use or what have you ever gotten from a company (doesn't have to be O&P) that you still have and/or use all the time?

Email me.

Hi Elizabeth,

After reading your various articles about marketing I have a comment to share regarding giving out tee shirts and the like.

When my son was younger I sponsored his Little league baseball team for several years. I had been told by a friend that owns a HVAC business that it was good for his business to pay the $150.00 to sponsor a team so I did it also to support my sons team and my busniess. 

I learned that the kids wear their shirts with my business name all across the front of the shirt not only to the baseball game on Saturday but to the mall and school during the week and even to church. A friend called me one day to let me know that long after the baseball season ended one young boy was standing in the front row of the childrens choir in church one Sunday morning wearing his tee shirt from his little league team with my company name proudly displayed for all to see.

You can't buy advertising that gets that much exposure for a small fee like I did. I hope this prompts others to think of other ways to promote your business instead of relying on Yellow Page adds. Have a great day.

Bryan Finley CP
Advanced Prosthetic Technology
Northfield, MN.

Thanks Bryan!

Don't Hide The Subscribe

Forward this issue to a FriendThis is a summary of "Four Ways to Grow Your Email File Organically" by Kimberly Snyder, Bronto.

"The saying 'Good things come to those who wait' applies to smart email marketing managers who appreciate the logic and process of growing their subscription file organically, over time, with well-developed marketing efforts." (Remember, SPAM is a no-no.)

Market Your Subscription Button
  1. Place the subscription button near or within the top and bottom navigation areas throughout the entire site. Do not limit your marketing efforts to only your homepage.
  2. Position a third subscription button in the center of your homepage-which is likely to be seen by all site traffic. Think of this button as a road sign for all traffic entering your site to immediately stop, look, and consider joining.

"Sell" the Subscribe
Subscription landing pages give email marketers the opportunity to sell subscribers on signing up and, more importantly, staying subscribed. The landing page should highlight the benefits that a subscriber will receive for signing up.

Promote Subscribing
Don't underestimate all the potential opportunities available for attracting new subscribers. Push consumers to join your email marketing efforts via all marketing collateral: catalog, brochure, in-store signage and receipts, packaging inserts, special-event signage, and giveaway bag inserts...

Empower Your Front Line
Educate your customer-service department on the benefits of email marketing. Your customer service team speaks to your customers, potential customers, referral sources on a daily basis. The more informed and empowered they are to facilitate the subscription process, the quicker your file will grow.

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Elizabeth Mansfield
Outsource Marketing Solutions, LLC

Fillauer Goes YouTubing
Somebody's got a brand new slew of videos on YouTube.




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