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June 2008
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The Eagles and The Opera
Working Your Blog

"Marketing is marketing."  Doesn't matter what business you are in.

  • Remembering that phrase makes it easy to look for marketing inspiration anywhere, everywhere, all the time.
Like at an Eagles concert...or the opera...
The Eagles and The CT Opera
Marketing lessons & raving fans

Eagles_tshirtEagles "Long Road Out of Eden" concert Saturday, May 31st at Madison Square Garden, NYC.


Connecticut Opera's "The Abduction from the Seraglio" Tuesday, June 3rd at the Bushnell, Hartford, CT.

Two words.

Concert t-shirts.

You would expect it from the Eagles (number one selling album of all time) but the CT Opera?


The opera was sold out.  The opera has raving fans.  Just like the Eagles.

Raving fans like to rave. 
The Eagles know that. So does the CT Opera.

If you've got raving fans - and I bet you do! - then what are you giving them - or better yet, letting them buy - so they become part of your overall marketing efforts?

Walking billboards.

It needs to be "cool" though. 
(ESPECIALLY if you are giving it away.)

Let me repeat that.
It needs to be "cool!"Got_buzz

(Like the "got buzz?" baseball hats that Anthony Velazquez at U.S. Orthotics' Commercial Threadworks makes for me. They are super cool!)

(The CT Opera shirt is actually MUCH cooler than it looks. I had to make one for this newsletter since they don't sell their apparel online.)

If I were in charge of the CT Opera website, I would have a photo gallery - a la my AskElizabeth.Net gallery - that showed pictures of people wearing their CT Opera shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc., around the world. 

If you're going to all the trouble of designing, producing and giving/selling this stuff - make sure you maximize the effect. Right?
Besides, everyone needs groupies. (And you need to build that online community so give them a reason to help you build it!)

Be a marketing rock star.

And for all you Web 2.0 marketing rock stars.

The CT Opera has a blog.

The Eagles have a MySpace page.

Do you?

"Enjoyed this issue! (5/21 Business Cards) Thanks for the inspiration.  I forwarded the link on to several peers and associates in order to share the creative inspiration."

Lisa Watkins, Ohio Willow Wood
Think you should get a Marketing Gold Star?
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Elizabeth Mansfield
Outsource Marketing Solutions, LLC

Working Your Blog To Make It Work for YOU!
Tony Culver of Grace Prosthetic Fabrication updates his blog (and his blog is linked to his website!!) on a regular basis. 

Which is an AWESOME way to make sure their site stays in the top of the search engine rankings for "prosthetic fabrication."

Go ahead, try it!

Google prosthetic fabrication

Read "How Search Engines Rank Pages"
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