May 2008 Mastectomy Marketing Tips
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Welcome to the first edition of Mastectomy Marketing Tips.  Thanks for subscribing!

I'd really like to hear from you so feel free to call me at 860-967-4184 or send me an email and let me know what specific challenges you face in trying to market your mastectomy business and what types of of tips you'd like to read about.

Of course, I'll always include ideas & products - like the Tit-Bits for example - that you can use to generate publicity for your own business.  Why work harder when you can piggyback on "hot" topics?!


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You've Got A List - Now Make It Work!
Are You Maximizing Usage of Your Email List?

I love, love, love email newsletters as a primary marketing tool for small businesses. 

With the price of postage, the appeal of a "green" marketing program (no paper!), and the flexibility an email based marketing program offers - you should too!

Consistent marketing efforts are critical - but - don't forget about the benefits of using an e-card for promotions.

Use a promotion to:

Help you get your share of holiday business

Boost sales, appointments or traffic in otherwise slow months

Promote your brand

Clear space for new stock

Move excess inventory

Get your name in front of a new or existing customer

Or, reward your most loyal customers

Or, do a Save the Date card for an event  - like Race for the Cure

Use a newsletter to:

Build relationships with your customers and prospects

Position your company as a valuable resource

Obtain and retain the mind share of your customers

Educate and inform your customers

Build your credibility over time

Widen your audience via "word-of-mouth"

Begin a dialog with your readers by asking for reader feedback

Make your newsletter a valuable source of information and advice and you will successfully position yourself as an expert.
The above lists are excerpted from:
"How To Make Email Marketing Work For You"

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Breasts take shape a stitch at a time

Knitted Tit-Bits a hit among women suffering consequences of cancer

Beryl Tsang is a not-for-profit manager by day and a self-proclaimed fibre floozy by night. Knitting is her hobby, and lately she's turned it into a highly unusual business sideline as well.

Tsang gets orders from all over the world for her Tit-Bits: hand-knitted breasts that can serve as prostheses for women who have had a breast removed.

The idea for Tit-Bits came to Tsang, 42, when she was dealing with the consequences of breast cancer five years ago.

"I didn't really know quite what to do with myself, post-mastectomy," she says. "I had a horrific healing process so I didn't want to wear anything close to my skin." Moreover, the prostheses she tried were uncomfortable and ugly. The following year, anxious to look good at a party she was attending, she bought one for about $500. It felt, she recalls, like "raw liver," while the bra that was supposed to hold it up "resembled the suspension system of my 1995 Volvo."

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