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May 2008
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Is Your Business Card...
AMA Updates Definition of Marketing
Knee Pain
Women & Web 2.0

Staying top of mind.  Very important.  You should be thinking of ways to stay top of mind - all the time. Top_of_mind

Marketing is marketing (although there's a brand new definition of marketing so scroll down to the bottom) so, if you see a good idea, anywhere, for staying top of mind - grab it!

I love, love, love the "brilliant business card" ideas below.

Is Your Business Card "Outside the Box?"
Shoe_scoopMy brother Jim sent me this link.  (Because he's a good brother and he's wicked smart!)

From [Re] Encoded Dot Com blog...

"In today's tech-oriented world of short attention spans it is more important than ever to make a compelling first impression.

A brilliant business card that speaks to your profession, serves some unusual function or that transforms into something else can be a great way to grab attention and inspire those you meet."

So, O&Pers - what kind of business card speaks to your profession and can grab attention?  (Besides the one in the picture!)

Here are more ideas from the blog posting.
American Marketing Association Announces New Definition for "Marketing"
"Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large."

Read the announcement.
Or Opportunity for Great Publicity!

KNEE PAIN | Acme custom model did wonders until invoice arrived

Dear Fixer: On April 6, 2007, I was fitted for a custom knee brace due to great pain in my knee. Acme Orthotic & Prosthetic Labs Inc. fitted me with the brace that day, at which time I paid them $319.67 for my portion of the cost.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois is my insurance company, and Acme and I thought they would pay the remainder. But Blue Cross has refused to pay, saying an off-the-shelf brace would fit me.
Acme provided Blue Cross with additional documentation as to why I needed a custom brace. Who better than my doctor to know if a one-size-fits-all brace would work for me or fit my frame?
I must say the Acme brace has done wonders for my knee. Now, why can't Blue Cross/Blue Shield do wonders and pay their fair share of the cost?
Dan Siroky, Tinley Park

Dear Dan: When you found out in March that you'd be on the hook for the $1,280 balance, it was enough to make your knee ache all over again. Heck, it was enough to make The Fixer's knee ache. It was something of a shock, as you had been told that a standard off-the-shelf brace wouldn't fit your leg properly.

We ran this by Blue Cross/Blue Shield's Regina High, who got someone to reopen your case. Turns out the insurance company made an error when it originally processed your claim. They've now agreed to fund the balance of the brace.

Thanks to Monica Fox of Acme for sending this to me!
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Elizabeth Mansfield
Outsource Marketing Solutions, LLC

Women & Web 2.0
Citing a recent study by Rapleaf, CEO Auren Hoffman writes about the gender gap in social media, whose community-building side is dominated by women, while more "transactional" sites are mostly the domain of men, married men in particular.

"The future of social media is going to be all about the women," Hoffman writes.

"So if you're going to create the next hot Web 2.0 site and you want it to go viral, you'll target women."

Read the article online.
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