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May 2008
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Nintendo's Wii: "Wiihabilitation"
What's in it for you?
Women shape the focus in Nintendo North America's latest campaign for Wii Fit, the fitness game scheduled to hit streets on May 19.

Events, marketing and advertising will support the release.

Which means - if you are using the Wii in your practice OR you work with therapists who use the Wii to "Wiihabilitate" your patients - then you need to get the word out NOW!
Are you blogging?
Are you putting out a press release?
Are you uploading video on to YouTube?

Wii Fit aims to appeal to all consumers, but Walter believes women, more than men, tend to appreciate exercises based on yoga and aerobics.

The game, which promotes fitness, sports a Wii Balance Board resembling an aerobics stepping board. A Body Mass Index, a standard measure of body fat based on height and weight, and other tools help to keep tabs on daily progress.

Wii Fit offers more than 40 activities and exercises with the categories aerobics, balance, strength training and yoga.

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