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April 2008
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DUI and Gait Patterns of an Amputee
Link Love
Seniors Online
Otto goes to China

First of all, let me just say that I am not making any judgments - for or against - the Senator, his alleged DUI or his gait pattern.

He has, however, provided anyone who works with amputees, several opportunities - listed below.
(My favorite is number 2.)

Gait Patterns
White_lineA state senator now faces a DUI charge in Dorchester County.
Police pulled over Summerville state Senator on Saturday night on Froman Drive in Summerville.

Officials say he did not successfully complete a field sobriety test. Police arrested Scott and took him to the Dorchester County jail. A judge released him Sunday morning on a personal recognizance bond.
Sunday, his lawyer Reese Joye released the following statement:
"The dashboard video tape will reveal the normal patterns of an amputee being forced walk heel-to-toe and to stand on one foot in the rain," Joye said, noting that Scott lost a leg in a hunting accident as a teenager.

The rest of the article.

Now - YOU could:

1. Take this story and go right to your local paper and/or tv station and give them your opinion on gait patterns (and bring amputees with you to demonstrate.)

2. You could also publicly - in the form of a press release - reference this news story and offer to do a training course for your local law enforcement officials on gait patterns of amputees.

Can't think of any more? Call me. 860-967-4184
Link Love for Huntsville, Alabama P&O facilities from HQAMC
The April 17 Lessons Learned Brown Bag was a huge success. 

Lots of HQAMC and USASAC employees attended to ask questions regarding the move to Huntsville.

On the HQAMC blog is a list of topics discussed during the brown bag and related links and information - including links to the P&O facilities for reference.

If your company website is linked on THEIR blog then you should be linking YOUR website to their blog.
Seniors Online
A "silver tsunami" is on its way as the leading edge of the Baby Boomers turn 62 in 2008. Today's seniors are increasingly likely to be using the Internet.

Seventy-two percent of 51 to 59 year-olds and 54% of 60-69 year-olds are online. Seniors_online

The number of wired seniors will only grow, according to a January 2006 study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Todd Follansbee, Web Marketing Resources has these tips to offer.

Seniors behave differently on the web for a variety of reasons. As a member of this group, I'm aware that as physical abilities diminish with age, both visual and cognitive behaviors are affected. Here are some tips:
  • Font size should be the equivalent of 12 point.
  • Instructions should be clear and simple, tested on seniors before they are published.
  • Use straightforward, benefits-focused sales arguments and be open with costs.
  • Don't talk down. Remember, most of our teachers are now seniors and they are no fools.
  • Provide full disclosure about your offerings and substantiate your claims.
  • Avoid confusing acronyms, market-ese, or jargon they may not understand.

Here are some particular characteristics you're likely to find with seniors. All have memories of severe recessions or even a market crash. They remember the days when sales promises were unregulated and hucksters ran rampant. Thus they tend to recoil from flashy promises and hype.

Seniors tend to be more conservative than they were when younger. They also tend to experience more anxiety with age. As a result you need to provide clear messages about transaction security, describing your security policies using text and links rather than logos they may not recognize.

Most seniors I have tested will abandon a site before asking for help. Thus, if you haven't tested your site's usability on several seniors, you are likely to be losing customers without knowing it.

Think you should get a Marketing Gold Star?
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Elizabeth Mansfield
Outsource Marketing Solutions, LLC

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New blog pics
Otto Bock Goes to Beijing
The Otto Bock HealthCare, worldwide partner of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), is the official repair service provider of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games for prosthetics and wheelchairs.

The contract between Otto Bock and BOCOG safeguards the more than 4,000 athletes expected to compete in September.
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