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April 2008
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ESPN Can Make YOU Famous
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This week's issue is short but sweet - that is, if you decide that you want to capitalize on the big ol PR gift Oscar Pistorius is giving you.

I just got back from the NYSAAOP meeting in Cooperstown, NY, where I did a workshop "Boost Your Company's Online Presence."
All about blogs, email newsletters - archiving them online for even greater online exposure, microsites, etc.
(All that Web 2.0 stuff that I love, love, love!)

Also talked about piggybacking on recent news stories to generate publicity that you can then feature in your online marketing efforts.

So a BIG thank you to Oscar (Don't you dare say "Oscar, who?") for giving us something to piggyback on this week.
Ever heard of a little channel called ESPN?

Or a little news show called Nightline?
Or Good Morning America?

So has the editor of your local paper and anyone who works at your local news work that piggyback!!!

From the Final Sprint

"One of the most talked-about sports stories of the past year is the controversy surrounding Oscar Pistorius, the bi-lateral amputee sprinter who is trying to make a bid for the Olympics and is appealing the IAAF's ruling that he has a technical advantage.

Ossur, the maker of those Cheetahs, invites everyone to form their own opinion based on new information as presented by ESPN's E:60, Good Morning America, Nightline, and ESPN Magazine."

What to see on April 15th:

  • Good Morning America will air a segment between 7-9am
  • ESPN's E:60 will broadcast a 10-minute feature between 7-8pm.
  • Nightline will look into the story at 11:30pm.
In addition, ESPN Magazine's April 21st cover story will delve into Oscar's case.

So, what's in it for you?
Your Assignment is below.
Want some publicity?

Do any of the following:|

Invite your prosthetic patients to come watch the GMA segment at your office on the morning of the 15th and discuss their opinions about Oscar's case. 
Invite the sports reporter from the paper and the local tv news reporter to come and interview/watch/film/participate.
(Would be very helpful if you let the media know that either someone wearing a similar type of prosthesis will be there OR that you'll have demos that they can look at/handle.)


If you've got an athlete that wears a prosthesis(es) similar to what Oscar wears (doesn't have to be Cheetahs) you can have them speak to the media - from your office of course, - about their feelings on the case.

*This is a very visually interesting story so you want to make sure that you have components or actual patients with similar types of prostheses that will encourage filming or picture taking.


Write your own Op-Ed piece for your paper. 

OR...If you need more ideas, call me. 860-967-4184

**Don't forget to TiVo the programs in case you need to refer to them later!

ALL THE BACKGROUND INFO that a reporter would need is right here.  All that's missing is the local angle that you provide!
Think you should get a Marketing Gold Star?
Tell me why.  Send me an email or call 860-967-4184


Elizabeth Mansfield
Outsource Marketing Solutions, LLC

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