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Pitching.  Not just for baseball anymore.
April 2008
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The Story-Worthiness Test
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I just got back from the TAOP meeting in Austin, TX, where I did a presentation entitled "PR 101: Harnessing the Power of Free Publicity."

Some of the things I talked about:
  • Putting together a media list
  • Possible press release topics (Think like an editor!)
  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Taking advantage of publicity you've received
Then, this morning I got my Shock PR newsletter and lo and behold, Dick Shock had compiled an excellent list he calls the "Story-Worthiness Test."

I am sharing it with you.
The Story-Worthiness Test

From Dick Shock, Shock PR

Writing a press release?
Pitching a story?

Ask yourself these questions...

1.       "Who cares?" The primary gauge of coverage worthiness for any publication, this is the question that asks if a publication's readers will be interested in the story. The follow-on to this is whether enough of the readers will care about the story. The story must be of interest to a large enough audience group to justify giving increasingly scarce editorial space to it.

2.       "Why is it important or interesting?" Editors evaluate if a story has the potential to impact/affect their readers' lives. Will it help them solve problems? Will it give them information they need to do something better, save money, be happier? If so, it makes it more favorable.

3.       "Is it timely?" If the story being pitched is based on an upcoming event, it is important to let the publication know well enough in advance about it so it is on their calendar and they can assign a reporter/writer to attend. Even if a reporter doesn't attend, you can send a post-event write-up and photo to the publication, but make sure those are sent as soon after the event as possible or it will not pass the timeliness test. No publication - but especially a news-based publication - wants to print old news.

4.       "Is it current?" If your pitch is based on a specific theme or topic, it is always more appealing to a publication if it is relevant to something of current interest to its readers or to stories now in the news.

5.       "Does it have the feel-good factor? Will it evoke an emotional reaction?" This is a bit more subjective, but still should be easy to determine. If a story will touch readers or generate an emotional response, it has a much better chance of making the cut.

Finally, there is the "gut reaction" test that editors use to decide whether they want to pursue a story or not. Based on their experience, they know what will make a good story and what will not.

So, if you've pitched a story to a journalist and the answer is "No," don't waste your time - and theirs - trying to convince them otherwise. There will always be another story to pitch in the future. Make sure that one passes the 5-point test and you'll be a lot closer to getting a "Yes."

"I'm not on Facebook."
"I don't have a MySpace page." 
"What's LinkedIn?"

Every time I do my Web 2.0 talk, those are some of the responses I get.
Wealthy U.S. Consumers Flock to Online Social Networks

The participation of wealthy online consumers in social networks dramatically increased to 60% in 2008, from 27% in 2007.

I can hear the naysayers now...."My patients aren't wealthy."

I say.  "Hmmm.  But do you think maybe their doctors are?"
Marketing Gold Star

Golden_starGerry Weiss is a reporter for the Erie Times- News.

He did a story on Green Prosthetics & Orthotics providing prostheses for an Iraqi war vet.

What's different about this story than the zillion other ones I've seen?

Green Prosthetics & Orthotics had Gerry try thermo-forming a socket. There are even pictures.
Way to get that reporter completely immersed in the story.


PS - Did I mention that in addition to the story and the pictures, there's also an audio slideshow AND audio from the interview - with the reporter providing one audio testimonial after another.
Major extra content. 
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Elizabeth Mansfield
Outsource Marketing Solutions, LLC

PS - Mitch Presley, Jr., LPO, Bob Meier, CO, BOCO and Kevin Matthews, CO, LO are all Smarter Than a CPO!
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