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March 2008
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A Beer With Steve Novick
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This is an excerpt from Ted Minnini's article "Blurring the Lines Between Advertising and Entertainment" in MarktingProfs. 

If you want a concrete example of what he's talking about - go see A Beer With Steve Novick

Traditional advertising is a one-way street. And so, in today's interactive world, it might be time to pull back on some traditional advertising. Nowadays, allocating financial resources into channels that might be used to interact with consumers, so that they can be engaged more meaningfully, is a top priority.

The beauty of Web 2.0 is that companies of all sizes can take advantage of adding some new Internet-based social media to their marketing mix.

(You know how I feel about Web 2.0 - love, love, LOVE it!  And you should too!!)

Using entertainment via interactive marketing is one way to get attention, create excitement and buzz, and connect with consumers. Smart marketers are using interactive media to blur the lines between traditional advertising and entertainment, engaging consumers with brands at a deeper level.

Consumers understand they are being marketed to on Internet sites, but if their online brand experiences are memorable ones, they are likely to have a positive response.

Besides, there is a perceptive difference between being bombarded by advertising vs. being invited to interact and to have a potentially enjoyable experience all at the same time, isn't there? What delivers enjoyable experiences better than entertainment?


A Beer With Steve Novick

In case you haven't already seen his ad on YouTube

This is not an endorsement of his candidacy. 
It's O&P at work on YouTube.

Quote of the Day

"Why is it that a tattoo artist can charge a deposit for services and you don't?"

Karen Zupko, Management Consultant
Presenting at the March 2008 AAOS Convention.

"Many orthopedic surgeons experienced a successful 2007 in terms of watching their caseloads and practices grow. But for many of these surgeons, 2008 could present a rude awakening...."

To read the rest of "Orthopedists must take steps now to avoid downward slide in 2008"
Click here.
Marketing Gold Star - Kingsley Manufacturing

Kingsley Manufacturing has been around for a long time but has always managed to be on the cutting edge when it comes to e-technology.

They were one of the very first O&P manufacturers to have an online store and now....they just launched their global email newsletter "Keeping You In The Loop."

Check it out.

Think you should get a Marketing Gold Star?
Tell me why.  Send me an email or call 860-967-4184


Elizabeth Mansfield
Outsource Marketing Solutions, LLC

PS - If you are coming to the Ohio meeting next week, let me know.  You might just get an tshirt (and you could end up here!)
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