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February 2008
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What Pizza Can Teach You About Email Marketing and Online Selling
Web 2.0 Email Marketing
An Olympic Gold Medal in Blogging
Orthotics Are For The Birds. Literally.

The act of using a search engine to find mentions of one's name on the Internet.

Have you surfed your ego today? Try it.
What Pizza Can Teach You About Email Marketing and Online Selling

PizzaFrom Email Insider:

According to Pizza Marketing Quarterly, the average online pizza order is $6 to $9 higher than the average telephone order.

This is because online customers not only have a more leisurely experience than ordering by phone, but they also have access to the entire menu and can order without feeling rushed.

Two of the most consistent email marketers (Papa John's and Pizza Hut) have Web traffic that is consistently high and almost identical -- while other brands such as Little Caesar's that do little email marketing show little Web traffic growth.

Email marketing.
Drives Web traffic.
Increases sales.
More sales - you can buy more pizza.

Now I'm hungry.  I'm going to go order a pizza.  Online.
Web 2.0 Email Marketing

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An Olympic Gold Medal in Blogging?!


The International Olympic Committee has issued blogging guidelines for the Beijing Olympics. This marks the first time competitors and officials have been given the green light to blog -- albeit with some restrictions.

According to the IOC, the Olympic bloggers' posts are sanctioned only as a "legitimate form of personal expression" and "not a form of journalism."

If the IOC should choose to leverage it, giving fans easy access to athletes' blogs would be a great way to pump up pre-Olympic enthusiasm around the world.

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Orthotics are for the birds. Literally.

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