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February 2008
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Are You Smarter Than a Fortune 500 Company?
Maria Sharapova

Since today is all about romance....

Had a most romantic dinner at (tiny, adorable, sooo French) Chez Paul in Maui a few weeks ago.
Caviar De Beluga Sur Glace Vive. Ménage-a-Trois Seafood Medley. La Crème Brulee Dans L'Ananas.

Chez Paul. Loved, loved, loved it.
You can make reservations ONLINE.
Love it even more!!

Caviar.  Loved it.
Had the website on the lid.
Love it even more!!

Wine. Loved it.
Had the website on the cork.
AND you can sign up for their email newsletter on their website.
Love, love, love it even more!!!

Chez Paul + Caviar + Wine = Online Marketing Trifecta

Hey! Does your "wine" have YOUR website on the "cork??"

PS - Here's your Valentine's Day card from me!
Are You Smarter Than a Fortune 500 Company?
You are if you have a corporate blog.

"...Only a small portion of Fortune 500 companies have their own blogs today, according to Forrester-despite the fact that blogging is inexpensive and easy compared with other marketing tactics. This is slowly changing as marketers realize the benefits of blogs, both on and off the search engine....

'Blogs are fabulous for search because of the way they are set up. They are template-driven, so they are reasonably search-friendly. They also satisfy a search engine's need for frequency, "recentness" and good, solid material. Blogs are typically keyword-rich, too.' "

Could not have said it better myself.

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Elizabeth Mansfield
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PS - If you are coming to Orlando for the AAOP meeting, and you are attending the First Bid auction - You'll get an shirt in your swag bag.

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Two words.
Maria Sharapova

Two more words.
First Bid

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