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Was Your CEO's Lap Dance Caught On Tape?

January 2008
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Was Your CEO's Lap Dance Caught on Tape?
Allied Health Promotions Tip #7
New Jersey Parity Bill Passes

This morning I read that Deloitte commissioned a study on online content.
The results?


Deloitte was surprised. 
That was a 12 point escalation from last year's survey. 
It means that it's not just tech-savvy geeks (I could have told you that!) who are posting. 

Then, I read another article on ways you can monitor whether you, your company, your products, employees, etc., are the subject of all this content.

Y'all know that I am a slave to my Google Alerts.  (And you should be too.)

But, here are 25 more F*R*E*E tracking tools, compiled by Andy Beal at MarketingPilgrim.

Here are the highlights.  You can read the rest HERE.
Free Tracking Tools
Did an employee release a top-secret photo of your new products?

Did someone snap a photo of your CEO leaving a strip-club? (Not in O&P - that NEVER happens!)

The chances are high that they might upload it to image hosting sites such as Flickr.

You can search for photos that are tagged and then subscribe to an RSS feed that will update you on any new image that match that tag.

These RSS (Real Simple Syndication HAHAHAHA!) can be a little confusing if you've never done it before, so feel free to call me if you need help setting them up.

TechnoratiTechnorati is one of the best options for tracking social media sites.

Custom RSS feeds let you get quick updates on any blog (including MINE) that mentions your company name.

And for all you interested in keeping up with your competitors hiring needs or if you're looking for a job....

OodleIf your competitor wants to start a new service or launch a new product, they'll need to hire new staff, right?

Classifieds search engine Oodle scours many online job listings and aggregates the information in a central location. Set up RSS feeds for searches on your biggest competitors and you'll know whenever they list job openings. Firestarters is a German website devoted to Fitness, Yoga, Sports and more for amputees and dysmelia patients.

In reviewing my web analytics the other day, I discovered they have listed this on their links page: AskElizabeth (lots of interesting links)

Vielen Dank, Invafit!

Who else is showing us some link love?

Prosthetic Center of Excellence of Las Vegas, NV's blog - The Freedom News has us listed under Great Websites to Visit.

Thanks Bernabe!

Allied Health Promotions Tip #7
Don't Treat People Like They Owe You.

Inexpensive items like pens or tape measures with your logo and phone number are actually mini-billboards your contacts can hold in their hands.  They don't obligate anyone to use your services.  If you bring in lunch so you can get more time with a group of doctors, you are simply buying time, not their business.  It would be grossly unethical for a practice to refer to you because you brought them a candy jar or fed their employees, so don't think that way or use any other pressure techniques.  Even if it works, it will create resentment and never get you more than the one patient they might feel obligated to hand over.  You're in this for the long haul, and you could never afford to repay a truly loyal source of referrals.

This week's tip is #7 in a ten part series that is brought to you by Bill McLellan (that's Bill, right up there!) of P&O Care and the author of the CareDigest Blog.
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New Jersey Passes Their Prosthetic Parity Bill

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