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December 2007
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Tip #6

I failed.  What a bummer.  So, inspired by Winston Churchill - I am going to try again.  I will not give up till you watch these two videos.

Why? Most of you did NOT click through on the YouTube links - so you didn't get to see what THOUSANDS of people are watching online every day.  And, what you don't know, may in fact hurt you.

So, here I go again.

These are videos that your customers, patients, referral sources, payers, influencers, employees, etc., are watching.

Take NPOA, for example. They put a video of their Otto Bock Road Show.  They even have their own YouTube channel.
Do you?

Click on photo to view the video that over 7,000 people have viewed.

Over 10,000 people around the world have seen Lasse do multiple somersaults in the air wearing an AK prosthesis with a Rheo knee and some type of Flex Foot.

Ossur didn't put up the vido.  Lasse did.  He too has his own YouTube channel.
Where's yours?
Allied Health Promotions Tip #6
EggtimerThis week's tip is #6 in a ten part series that is brought to you by Bill McLellan of P&O Care and the author of the CareDigest Blog.

Don't Be Pushy

While it's good to ask directly for a trial referral from a new provider and it won't help you to beat around the bush, you're still in the business of low-pressure sales.  You want to develop a route you can cover over and over again, and if your only purpose in each visit is to get a referral, that will get old quick. 

Those who have said no will wonder why you're back; those who use you will feel under-appreciated.  In our field, the minute we try to close a deal, we force our new relationships into a dead end.  Instead, think of your recurrent visits as an opportunity to remind people that you are available, to represent you're practice as a people-to-people enterprise, and to thank those who use you.  Become their consultant or partner rather than a parasite on their practice.  Believe in your heart that it's valuable simply to know the professionals who serve your patients.

Bill McLellan
Director of Sales and Marketing
P&O Care
St. Louis, MO
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