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November 2007
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Are YOU YouTube-ing?
Tip #5

Just the facts. (From
  • Most Web users watch online video today. In fact, 1 in 5 say they stream video every day. (Source: Pew Internet)

  • Americans don't get their news from static print sources anymore. Only 13 percent say they get their news from newspapers and magazines, compared to 40 percent who use the Internet and 32 percent who watch TV. (Source: Zogby)

  • The media has a high demand for video content. Use of video by newspaper Web sites is expected to double over the next 12 months. (Source: Borrell Associates)
  • YouTube has 55 million unique users each month and has the 8th largest audience on the Internet (Source: Nielsen//NetRatings, US only, July 2007).

So, why would you want to YouTube? (ummm, 55 million users? See below)

Haven't made YouTube part of your marketing plan for 2008?  You need a Cutom Fab Marketing boot camp.
Are You YouTube-ing?
YTLWhat can YouTube do for YOU?

1.  It can drive traffic to your website (we love driving traffic!) - Google loves images and more multimedia means more Google-love.

2.  It helps build your brand online.  The American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists knows this.  That's why they've got their video on YouTube. The video has been viewed over 2,000 times so far.  Big brand building for not a lot of bucks.

3.  It can attract non-print (and print) media coverage.
O&P provides great visuals.  You can use video to showcase producsts, services or highlight an expert you may have on staff.

Allied Health Promotions Tip #5
EggtimerThis week's tip is #5 in a ten part series that is brought to you by Bill McLellan of P&O Care and the author of the CareDigest Blog.

Don't talk negatively about your competitors

You might even want to say something complimentary about them. In healthcare especially, being perceived as greedy or overly competitive will hurt you. If yours is the only practice making sales calls and asking for referrals, that could become even more of a perception. When you make sales calls, make it your mission not merely to increase business but also to benefit people. Your competitive presence might provide the incentive that raises the quality of care across your region. And as a resource available to your patients' physicians, you add value to the care they provide, too.

When competition is seen as an important but friendly (and fun!) game, everyone has the chance to win. But when competition devolves into warfare and turf battles, everyone loses, especially your patients and their doctors.

Bill McLellan
Director of Sales and Marketing
P&O Care
St. Louis, MO
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