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Clicktile Dysfunction

November 2007
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Website Usability Tips
Tip #3
Nobody Likes A Browser Snob

Fall back.
For the first time, Daylight Savings Time ended in November instead of the last weekend in October. 

Let's do a little website "yard work" to get our sites ready for winter, shall we?

Inspiration for this newsletter did not actually come from the daylight savings trivia - it came because I visited an O&P site recently that is experiencing Clicktile Dysfunction (if you really want to know whose site, call me up and I'll tell you.)
I COULD NOT CLICK on their Patient Information buttons.

Two big buttons, right in the middle of the screen - seemingly very user friendly and legible - except they wouldn't work.
One said Office Info and one said Patient's Corner
Couldn't click on either one.
CD.  How embarrassing.

How come nothing happened?

I use Mozilla for my browser.

I switched to Internet Explorer - the buttons worked. 

I don't want to have to switch to IE.
I want it to work with Mozilla!

What about the people who don't/won't/can't switch?
They might think your site doesn't work at all.
What a shame. A missed opportunity for what could've been the start of a beautiful relationship.

Make your site be all it can be.
In addition to Tip #3 from Bill McClellan, here are a bunch of website usability tips and useful links below.
Usability Tips
Color palettes
1 in 20 people have a color deficiency.

The key principle of web accessibility for users with color-blindness is:

Perceivable: because they cannot perceive (see) the difference between certain color combinations.

What does your website look like to someone with color deficiency?
CLICK HERE to see.
More Web Usability Tips

Type in your website address.

Type it with www. and then
type it in without the www.

Either way it should come up.
If it doesn't - and trust me, lots of them don't,
you need to call your IT/web person right away!

Yours is fine? I've got real live examples for you.

Click here for results with www.
Click here for results with no www.

One more?

Click here for results with www.
Click here for results with no www.
Allied Health Promotions Tip #3
EggtimerThis week's tip is #3 in a ten part series that is brought to you by Bill McClellan of P&O Care and the author of the CareDigest Blog.

When you visit medical offices to connect with your referral sources, make it your goal to brighten someone's day just a little bit. You don't have to be clever or get the place roaring in laughter, but if you're grumpy over the traffic, because business is slow, or because no one will talk with you long, it will show. Small talk is under-rated, as long as you don't waste anyone's time. Be the one they enjoy to see walk in the door.

Bill McClellan
Director of Sales and Marketing
P&O Care
St. Louis, MO
Usability Part Three
Nobody likes a Browser Snob.

Your site may display fine in your favorite browser and look like a mess or, even worse - not work properly - in others.

You might not be able to get your site to look exactly the same in all browsers but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be aware of what it looks like (in Mozilla for example.)

After all your goal is to make the site presentable and usable no matter which browser people are using.
CLICK HERE to test your site using different browsers.
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