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Who hasn't heard of a Happy Meal?

November 2007
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Tip #2
I Got Squeezed Last Week...And I LOVED It!
Product Placement O&P Style

I get the Methodist Healthy Knowledge eNewsletter.

Last week's subject line: "It's as easy as ordering a Happy Meal!"

Methodist offers drive-thru flu shots. It's quick. It's easy. It's convenient.

   1. Drive up

   2. Complete the consent form

   3. Pay $22 (cash or check)

   4. Stick your arm out

   5. Receive a flu shot

You know how I feel about using McDonald's analogies as part of your marketing (hint for new subscribers: I love it! - seriously, who hasn't heard of a Happy Meal? Everyone can relate.)

What do YOU do (make/provide/sell) that's as easy as ordering a Happy Meal?
Allied Health Promotions Tip #2
EggtimerThis week's tip is #2 in a ten part series that is brought to you by Bill McClellan of P&O Care and the author of the CareDigest Blog.

Don't Waste Anyone's Time
Healthcare practices are very busy, and you might be resented if you contribute to making patients wait to see their practitioner.  It's fine to show up unannounced; sometimes you can visit more places in less time this way.  But if you don't have an appointment, you must be willing to leave something behind, ask graciously for a call-back number, or try to find out when would be a good time to return.  If your contact has time to talk, don't stick around for more than a friendly hello and 15-20 second summary of why you are there this time.  Bring a newsletter or brochure with you, maybe some pens or tape measures, and ask if he or she has any questions or feedback.  If you want, see if there might be a better time to come back and give a more thorough presentation.  If you can get in and out in less than 1 minute, more power to you.  In the unlikely event that your contact isn't busy, chewing the fat a little while won't hurt at all.

Bill McClellan
Director of Sales and Marketing
P&O Care
St. Louis, MO
Marketing Gold Stars
I got squeezed last week.

And I loved it. 

I was visiting and they have a squeeze page.  (Star #1)
If you missed the newsletter on squeeze pages email me and I'll send it to you or click here to read why you need to squeeze.
They get Star #2 for using their very own publication - Mac McClellan, CPO/LPO, FISPO wrote a book entitiled "To Walk Again" - to get me to let them squeeze me.

Two of the top marketing techniques you can use are speaking (inservices, presentations, etc.) and writing (books, white papers, how to guides, etc.)
Outsource Marketing Solutions
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  • Nov 3 MWCAAOP
    "Blogs, Podcasts, Wikis and Lenses"
    Hickory Hills, IL

  • Nov 7-9 NEAAOP (& Lizzypalooza '07)
    "Harnessing the Power of Testimonials"
    Mystic, CT
  • Jan 27-31, 2008 PacRim
    "What's a Wiki?"
    Maui, HI

  • Feb 27-Mar 1, 2008
    Orlando, FL

  • Feb 28, 2008
    "First Bid"
    at AAOP
    Live & Silent Auction to benefit OPAF

  • April 23-25, 2008
    "What's a Wiki?"
    Atlanta, GA
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I can't wait to see what type of prosthetic components they are going to use on NCIS in November.

I told you they used a C-leg on an episode of Brothers & Sisters last week.

Guesses anyone?

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