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Marketing budget = red suede pumps

October 2007
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Product Placement O&P Style

I get asked this question alot.
How much should we determine what our marketing budget should be?

My answer.
I don't know (and I can't possibly tell you until you tell me)  What exactly do you want to DO with it? (Goals)

Your marketing plan determines your budget.
If you don't have a plan, the budget becomes your plan and that can be a problem.

Kind of like shoe shopping.


1. I decide I need new shoes for an upcoming meeting.

2. I look in my closet, determine which outfit is going to really benefit from a new (smoking hot) pair of shoes.

3. The outfit and event will provide the parameters I will use to determine which shoes I will need. (Grey dress, NE chapter meeting = medium to high heeled red suede pumps.)

4. Hit the shoe stores with a specific pair of shoes in mind and there's a pretty good chance I'll find the shoes I want to complete the outfit without spending too much.



1. I decide I need new shoes for an upcoming meeting.

2. I hit the shoe stores and the mall, maybe even take a look online.

3. I will find shoes to buy that I just love, love, love and have to have.  (I might even find a couple different pairs as I am already in a "shoe acquisition" mindset.)

4. I will come home and then try to pull together an outfit that will work with the shoes. 

5. Nothing will match the shoes.

6. I will have to go shopping - again - and buy a whole new outfit that matches the shoes.

Example #1
I know what I want to do - complete an outfit.
I've got a plan - red suede pumps.
I have an "outfit completion" mindset.
I work the plan and stay within budget.
Goal achieved.

Example #2
I know what I want to do - buy shoes.
I think I've got a plan (and a "shoe acquisition" mindset.)
I work my "plan" and acquire shoes until I run out of money.
Because, technically, if I leave the store with shoes, I've achieved my goal, right?


If you don't have a marketing plan, but you've got a "marketing mindset" then you're probably in danger of acquiring some fabu (and probably expensive) shoes!

And by "fabu shoes", I mean a myriad/hodge podge of marketing techniques that looked/sounded good at the time.

Those fabu shoes/marketing techniques will most likely not go with anything in your closet or achieve your marketing goals.

Sure, they are shoes/marketing techniques and you can wear/use them, but how are they are going to make you look?

Like you want to?
(Or like you have to look because you spent all your money?)

Get a plan.
The plan will determine your budget.

Need help with your plan?
Call me. 860-967-4184
Or, click here to book your Custom Fab Marketing Boot Camp.

When you're done with your plan, we'll go shopping for shoes.
Allied Health Promotions Tip #1
EggtimerThis week's tip is #1 in a ten part series that is brought to you by Bill McClellan of P&O Care and the author of the CareDigest Blog.

Some sales advice will tell you to only focus on VITO, or the Very Important Top Officer, such as a physician. That's crazy. Yes, many times doctors will be very involved in where their patients receive allied health care services, but many will also defer to their nurses or medical assistants. Receptionists have very important jobs but get very little respect, and they know it; so if you respect them, learn their names, and maybe even ask them about themselves once in a while, you are much more likely to get the meetings you need with the people they serve. Good professionals respect the opinions and first impressions of their assistants. If you come across as arrogant, smug, or condescending, forget about it!

Bill McClellan
Director of Sales and Marketing
P&O Care
St. Louis, MO
Think you should get a Marketing Gold Star?
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Elizabeth Mansfield
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Product Placement O&P Style
I don't usually watch tv on Sunday night and I've never ever watched Brothers & Sisters, but for the first time ever I watched episode 204 on Sunday night.

Who/what was featured in the background of Kevin's physical therapy session at the VA Medical Center?

An amputee with a C-leg.

Well played Otto, well played.
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