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October 2007
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Maui_beachMaui in January

I am ALL OVER IT!!!!!
Just got my confirmation from the PacRim committee.

I will be presenting my "What's a Wiki? Utilizing Web 2.0 Applications to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts" - or, as I like to call it - the bait talk.  Yes, bait. (It's a fishing analogy.)

Last time I presented at the PacRim meeting - I was "the hamburger lady" (after my "Branding - Using Specialized Patient Management Programs to Market Your Practice or Everything I Learned About Marketing I Learned From McDonald's") - this time "the bait lady?"

I don't care. 
As long as they remember.  Which they do, because...

When you associate:
Orthoses and prostheses with hamburgers and chicken nuggets;
Wiki's with hand-tied flies;
Blogs with neon plastic worms;
people pay attention and it makes it easier to remember.

Research in both educational theory and cognitive psychology tells us that
visual learning is among the very best methods for teaching people of all ages.

Three very cool visual representation graphs.
Baby names
Population of China
Newsmap - you just have to see it.

So, come to
Maui in January

You can learn all about bait AND Wiki's, podcasts, user generated content sites, blogs, vlogs, microsites, feeds and how they can dramatically increase your marketing reach (for very little money!)

PS - Get up to the minute info and links to
upcoming O&P meetings at the blog.
Marketing Gold Star
Golden_starGrace Prosthetics for jumping on the Web 2.0 bandwagon after Tony saw the bait talk.

They just added a blog featuring photos of - among other things - the winners of their iPod Shuffles at various O&P shows. Nice job. 

Way to personalize your online presence (and chum those internet waters!)
Marketing Gold Star
Cancer Survivor Opens Prosthetics Shop

"John Horne, owner of Independence Prosthetics-Orthotics, Inc. in Newark, understands his field of work. On Oct. 20, Horne will run the Main Street Mile, a remarkable task for someone who lost their leg to bone cancer at the age of 15..." READ MORE

John took a regular, not so very newsworthy event - a new business opening and combined it with his running of the Main Street Mile - way to bump up the newsworthiness!!

I saw the story via my Google Alerts - sent John an email and he had this to say:
"Thank you for the acknowledgement.  I've learned some tips from you!"
(John's been a newsletter subscriber since June 12, 2007)
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