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September 2007
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You Might Just Be Being Outmarketed!
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Back from AOPA in Las Vegas and the Women's Health Boutique's Annual Trade Show and Conference in Cypress, Texas. 

No disrespect to Vegas BUT the WHB ladies (and guy) know how to party! I'm soo tired.  We had such an awesome time and they were such a fantastic audience that I'm adding Mastectomy Marketing as an option at sign up. 

If you are interested in Mastectomy Marketing email newsletter, go to the blog and sign up for the newsletter and choose Mastectomy Marketing as your list option.  It will be coming out every six weeks (not almost every week like this one!)

If you were at AOPA and I didn't get to meet you in person - I'm sorry! I hope you'll come to the New England show (for Lizzypalooza) in November or will make it to the AAOP meeting in Orlando in Feb/March.

Save The Date!
OPAF's Second Annual "First Bid" Live and Silent Auction featuring Auctioneer Extraordinaire - Brad Mattear will be February 28th at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando. 
Bigger, Better, and Bradder! (yes, Bradder - it's not a typo!)

In order to ensure that it is truly Bigger, Better and Bradder than last year, I am performing an extreme makeover on the "First Bid" marketing campaign - ramping up the Web 2.0 applications, email newsletter, press releases and stratetic marketing plan - which brings me to my topic of the week.

Are you being outmarketed?
You might just be being outmarketed.

What does your marketing plan look like?
If you answered "What marketing plan?" You might just be being outmarketed.

Are you utilizing Web 2.0 applications as integral pieces of your overall marketing plan?
If you answered "What's a blog, vlog or squidoo?" You might just be being outmarketed.

What do you do when someone tells you what a fantastic job you, your company, your staff or your product does?
If you answered "I just smile politely and say 'thank you'" You might just be being outmarketed.

Does your URL require people to type in "www." in front of your domain name in order for your website to load?
If you answered "Everybody always types www." You might just be being outmarketed.

Are you sending out newsworthy press releases on a consistent and regular basis?
If you answered, "Press releases are a waste of time - I did one once and nothing happened."
You might just be being outmarketed.

Are you using an email newsletter to communicate regularly in a timely, cost-effective way with your existing and potential clients/patients/customers?
If you answered, "My existing and potential clients/patients/customers don't use email or the internet."
You are definitely being outmarketed.

STOP being outmarketed.
START outmarketing your competition.

Get your CFMBC or a Horn Tooter today.
Marketing Gold Star

Doug Wacker, CPO, LPO

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Valley Morning Star article ends up in Apria Newsletter.  Well done!
Viral marketing hard at work.
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Elizabeth Mansfield
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PS - If you got an shirt in Vegas, don't forget to send in your picture.

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