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September 2007
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Do These Pencils Smell Like Fried Chicken?
Marketing Gold Star

I know you all read my blog posting about KFC using aroma focused product placement as a marketing strategy.


Missed it? Click here.

Scent or aroma marketing, as it's called, is nothing to sniff at.
"Scent has the longest memory and is the most powerful emotional motivator, and that's what advertising is all about," said Carmine Santandrea, chief executive of ScentAndrea, a Santa Barbara scent-marketing company.

Fox-Walden is using it for the new Dustin Hoffman movie.

Speaking of using aroma marketing....
Do These Pencils Smell Like Fried Chicken?


(And no, they don't smell like fried chicken.)

Looking for a memorable trade show give away?

Have pediatric patients?

Smencils. You can get them with custom labels, too.

Viral Marketing Gold Star

If you're not blogging, you're probably being blogged about.

Case in point.
Friday is your last day
Did you take advantage of your "Horn Tooter" free month gift yet?

Email newsletters.
Customers, patients, influencers, prospective clients, love them. 

Scott Viglianti, president of WBC Industries has this to say about his email newsletter, "Using an email newsletter has given us the opportunity to have a personal contact with each of our customers at the push of a button.  Unlike other forms of direct mail advertising, it allows us to inexpensively announce new product offerings, monthly specials, and helpful industry tips directly to the one who influences or ultimately makes the purchasing decisions.  Our customers have said that they enjoy being kept up-to-date on the latest WBC has to offer and taking advantage of our monthly discounts."

Sign up for the patient care or the vendor "Horn Tooter" today and you'll get your first month for f*r*e*e!
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Elizabeth Mansfield
Outsource Marketing Solutions, LLC

PS - If you are coming to the AOPA meeting in Las Vegas, bring your tshirt (or sling bag.) 
If I see you wearing it, you could get a fabulous prize!


 You Should Really Check This Out!

What happened when Mr. Sutton ripped up his floor?

About This Newsletter (and the Blog, too)
Just in case you think I'm making money off of Smencils.  Here's my disclaimer.
(Lifted from Chuck Green.)

"I try to remain as objective as possible about the information I share here. Unless otherwise stated, I receive no compensation from the organizations and people mentioned except for occasional product samples."

I did NOT receive any Smencil product samples.

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