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September 2007
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Marketing Gold Star: Siberian Customer Service

Quick and easy marketing tip of the week.

OandPCare has an online O&P directory.
If you are certified and/or accredited by ABC you should be in it.
So should your company.

It is marketed to the media AND the general public.

If you are listed in it but your email and website address are NOT listed, what's the point?

Remember, if they are searching for you online, they want to click on something - don't leave them hanging.

Click here to check your info (don't forget to check your staff's, too) in the directory.

Need to update it?

CONTACT: Roxanne Bobb-Semple

Database Coordinator for the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics & Pedorthics, Inc.
Responsible for database integrity, annual renewal process, address updates

(703) 836-7114, x238
OMG! It's totally like Facebook for MD's
The Wall Street Journal says "...Social networking, popularized by teens sharing information with their friends online on Web sites such as Facebook Inc., is now blooming in the business world, thanks to new social networks that enable professionals and executives in industries such as medical, advertising and finance to rub virtual elbows with colleagues..."
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Marketing Gold Star
Golden_starThe Mayor knows.

Customer service is marketing.

(He also knows that banning "I don't know" is going to make for some MAJOR word of mouth!)

Alexander Kuzmin, the mayor of a Siberian oil town has ordered his bureaucrats to stop using expressions such as "I don't know" and "I can't." Or look for another job.

Some of the other prohibited phrases are "What can we do?" "It's not my job," "It's impossible," "I'm having lunch," "There is no money," and "I was away/sick/on vacation."

Officials who disobey the ban while in the mayor's office "will near the moment of their departure," the statement said.

Providing the mayor with wrong or incomplete information, or being late in reporting important information will be considered an attempt to undermine his work, it said.

Anna Borovikova, the mayor's chief of staff, said the novel approach has improved discipline.

"Before, it was so easy to say `I don't know.' Now before reporting to the mayor we prepare several proposals on how one or another problem can be solved," Borovikova said.

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Elizabeth Mansfield
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PS - If you are coming to the AOPA meeting in Las Vegas, bring your tshirt (or sling bag.
If I see you wearing it, you could win a fabulous prize!


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Eight Dollar Prosthetic Foot Wins Design Innovation Award

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