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Asking for feedback?
Do you really want to hear it?

August 2007
In This Issue
Does This Make My Butt Look Big?

Ladies, you know you've probably asked that question.
(Or one very similar)

Men, you know what happens if you don't give the right (and I think we all know that there is only ONE right answer) answer.

Is your company guilty of "Does this make my butt look big?"-type feedback solicitation?
Does This Make My Butt Look Big?

The right way to get feedback

How should you ask for feedback?
Here are tips from the Realigned Living blog.

Depersonalize the question - take yourself out of it - and completely throw the problem in the other person's court:

"If this was your project, how would you handle it differently?"

"Pretend this is your business - how would you run it to make it more productive?"

"Imagine that it's your problem. How would you solve it most efficiently?"

(If this was your dress, do you think it would make your butt look big?)



I love your web site! You always have great suggestions and great links to articles, etc. that could help us all. Nice job!

Jack Walker
National Sales Manager
Orthomerica Products, Inc.

Does this newsletter make my...?  Oh, never mind.
If this was your newsletter, what would you put in it?


Elizabeth Mansfield
Outsource Marketing Solutions, LLC

PS - If you are coming to the AOPA meeting in Las Vegas, bring your tshirt (or sling bag.) 
If I see you wearing it, you could win a fabulous prize!


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About This Newsletter (and the Blog, too)

Recently, I got an email newsletter (Chuck Green's to be exact) that had this at the bottom and it made me think, "I should probably use a similar (or the same) disclaimer.

So, here goes.

"I try to remain as objective as possible about the information I share here. Unless otherwise stated, I receive no compensation from the organizations and people mentioned except for occasional product samples."

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