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August 2007
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Keep Your Message Clear
There is a recent article that is burning up the WWW.  I've tracked it around the world.  India, China, Uzbekistan, etc.  Not to mention every single news outlet in the entire United States. 

You've probably seen it. It was reprinted/republished hundreds if not thousands of times.

I posted excerpts on my blog under the heading "Sound Bites...or Foot in Mouth?"

Anyway, the article was originally entitled "Soaring Diabetes Rate Wake Prosthetic Industry"

The sound bite?

"We joke that whenever they have a pill to cure diabetes we are all going to be out of business," said Eric Robinson, president of Fraser, Mich.-based College Park Industries, which recently introduced an advanced foot called the TruStep.

Segue into the following article "Keep Your Message Clear"...
Keep Your Message Clear
OMS Mega Man
When you interview with the media, you always risk working with a reporter who doesn't understand your key point, or the most important thing you want to communicate. 

Crisis counselor Lou Hampton of the Hampton Group in Washington, D.C. offers these six handy phrases to use during interviews:

--"The key point is..."

--"The bottom line is..."

--"The one thing people need to realize..."

--"Let me repeat that, because it's such a critical point..."

--"One trend we see..."

--"What is especially exciting/surprising/unexpected..."

The phrases are included in Lou's deck of Mem-cards, a package of 26 cards, each featuring a media tip for Hounds who interview.

Use the cards as handy reference tools while you're waiting in the green room on the "Today" show.

Read more about them.

Reprinted from "The Publicity Hound's Tips of the Week," an ezine featuring tips, tricks and tools for generating free publicity. Subscribe at and receive by email the handy list "89 Reasons to Send a News Release."

One reason to send a news release? 
Your company's efforts to go green!

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If you have a business in Pennsylvania.

The PA DEP is giving grants for going green. (I told you green was hot!)

Apply for the grant,
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