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Save the drama for your mama?
Successful marketers say NO!

As Jay Conrad Levinson, father of Guerrilla Marketing says...

"Find the inherent drama within your offering.

After all, you plan to make money by selling a product or a service or both. The reasons people will want to buy from you should give you a clue as to the inherent drama in your product or service. Something about your offering must be inherently interesting or you wouldn't be putting it up for sale."

Found the inherent drama?

Jay says, "Translate that inherent drama into a meaningful benefit."

People buy benefits, not features.

In O&P, people do not buy microprocessor knees; people buy stability or even, status.

People do not buy orthoses; people buy reduced pain or injury prevention.

Parents of babies who sleep on their backs do not buy cranial molding helmets; they buy a nicely shaped head.

Your assignment (should you choose to take it) - Find the major benefit of whatever you offer and write it down.

It should come directly from the - drama, drama, drama - feature. And even though you probably have four or five benefits, stick with one or two - maybe three if you feel you have to.

What do people want?
Well, if you're talking about a car, it might be:

  • Speed
  • Status
  • Style
  • Affordability
  • Performance
  • Power
  • Stop Global Warming

New section alert!!

I've added a new section that will appear from time to time - and I've give it the fascinating acronym YSRCTO (You Should Really Check This Out.)

Today's YSRCTO?

Disaboom, Inc. will be the first online resource to offer comprehensive medical information and education, classifieds, social networking and commerce together in one area targeted to meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people currently living with a disability or functional limitation as well as family members, friends, caregivers, recreation and rehabilitation providers and employers.


I saw Outsource Marketing Solutions newsletter subscriber and blog reader Chad Duncan, CPO at the Alabama Prosthetic & Orthotic Association meeting last weekend (for photos from the APOA meeting, click here) and he had these kind words to share:


The marketing tips you send out are very helpful. I incorporate them into my Professional Communications class at Auburn University. The students like the real world application they provide.
Keep up the great work!

Chad Duncan, CPO
Auburn University

Thanks Chad!!

Marketing Gold Star

AAOP gets a big gold star for placing this video on
That is SO 2007!

It's been viewed 797 times so far. Well done, AAOP.

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  • 9/22/07 Women's Health Boutique Annual Meeting Cypress, TX "Custom Fab Marketing Boot Camp"

  • 11/3/07 Midwest Chapter Meeting, Hickory Hills, IL "What's a Wiki?"

  • 11/7-11/9/07 New England Chapter Meeting
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