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April 2007
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If you've ever lived in Massachusetts you know that the Boston Marathon is run on Patriots' Day.

(This year it's April 16th. So NOW is the time to pitch your orthotic expertise to the media!)

The Boston Marathon (and running in general) is big business. How big?

From Runner's World, Boston Marathon Issue

"...about $375 million was spent on over-the-counter (foot) orthotics in 2003, up 14 percent from the previous year.

...Custom orthotics cost between $375 and $450, and only about half of all insurance companies cover the cost. They aren't an overnight solution either.

A podiatrist (Any of you CO's or CPed's want to write a letter to the editor? Just click here) makes a plaster cast of your foot, and then a lab creates the insole from the cast. It can be about a month before you get them, and then when you do, they're still not race-ready. You need to break them in for one to two weeks, and you could feel some discomfort until you get accustomed to them..."

You can read the whole article entitled, "Pimp Your Ride" by clicking here.

To read everything Runner's World has to say about Orthotics and Pronation - and they have a lot to say click here.

Something for almost nothing

Small Business Development Center has short, courses on marketing you might be interested in. Click here for the SBDC locater to find the office in your area.

They offer more than just marketing, though.

Click here for a list of podcasts on starting and running your own business.

Upcoming Awareness Weeks

Marketing opportunity for those in patient care!

For the month of May

  • National Nurses Week - May 7-13
  • National Nursing Home Week - May 13- 19
If you really want to make an impression - you need my "Foot in the Door" Dimensional Marketing Program - call me 860-967-4184 - I'll tell you all about it.

2007 Calendar of Events
Will you be there? I will.

  • 5/7-5/8/07 Fillauer at F1 in Boston, MA

  • 5/11/07 "First Ride" and "First Volley" AbilityTrek 2007 Kick Off
    Wilmington, NC

  • 6/29-6/30/07 PrimeFare East, Nashville, TN
    "Blogs, Podcasts, Lenses - Web Technology Can Maximize Your Marketing Reach"

  • 7/12-7/14/07 *NEW DATE* LAOP, Shreveport, LA

  • 7/20-7/21/07 APOA, Birmingham, AL

  • 7/26-7/28/07 Florida Chapter, Bonita Springs
    "Your Web Presence: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"

  • 8/24-8?25?07 TAOP, Dallas, TX
    " ?Blogs, Podcasts, Lenses - Web Technology Can Maximize Your Marketing ROI"

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