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March 2007
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Marketing tools (and other great stuff) for fr*ee.
What's not to love?

BTW - only 8 more days till you know what!!!

Something for nothing

Info on Freedom Innovations new "Marketing Your Practice" program for O&P patient care facilities.

More something for nothing

Are you checking your website stats?

How do you know what's working if you're not measuring?

Google Analytics doesn't cost anything at all!

Even more something for nothing

Drink soda? Beer? Red Bull?

Eat soup or Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli? (I love mini ravioli!)

Have a soda machine in your office? Collect the tabs.

I'm totally serious.
3,000 ring pulls = 1 prosthesis.

Basically you can help people provide prostheses for fr*ee by saving something you were going to throw out anyway.

And more good stuff that doesn't cost you anything!

Fillauer is once again hosting their (wicked fun and educational) O&P seminar on May 7th and 8th at F1 in Boston.

You can get CEU's AND it's fr*ee.

For those of you not familiar with F1 Boston, you have NO idea what you are missing! It's THE indoor upscale racing (kart track) venue.
Email Craig Rooney for more info.

I did the one last September and it rocked!

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