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Hiring Pointer, Tip #14 2006 "Hiring Fit-ness"
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Ask experienced managers “Have you ever made a bad hiring decision?” and most will confess to at least one. Ask “Why was it a bad decision?” and the answer is usually “They were a really bad fit.” But what is “fit” and why is it so important in hiring? Certainly one element of fit is identifying the right functional and technical skills, but even the most technically qualified employee can crash and burn (and take morale and productivity with them). Beyond functional skill - the ability to perform - fit requires personal motivation, stress tolerance, communication, social and other skills, - the motivation to perform.

In one study almost as many managers said fit and potential were the most important factor in hiring and promotion as those who cited functional competency. Poor job fit is the main reason for turnover and job dissatisfaction. It drains resources and negatively impacts organizational performance and profitability. Since managers spend 60% of their time resolving people issues, improving job fit in hiring directly improves performance.

To improve your hiring “fit-ness,” first, clearly define the job and the competencies critical for success in the role. One way to do that is to model your most successful performers in that role, or similar roles. Next, create behavior-based interview questions and use valid assessment tools to determine each candidate’s potential fit. Finally, train every hiring manager to objectively and consistently evaluate each candidate.

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