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Coaching Pointer, Tip #8 2005
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There are four steps to the Penumbra Performance Coaching model: Preparation / Observation / Feedback / Coaching. The last phase is an on-going process that you will engage in with your employee.

During the coaching phase, you are working with your employee on their development. Coaching is interactive; you are observing and providing feedback and he or she is sharing insights on their use of new skills. Your goal as a performance coach is to provide increasingly more difficult levels of responsibility that gradually challenge them. Think "stretch" not "stress".

Coaching goes both ways at this point - you should seek feedback on how your coaching style is meshing (or not) with your employee. Periodic meetings on the effectiveness of your feedback style and what you can do to directly impact the integration of the feedback you are giving are important for this phase to be successful. As a supervisor and coach you have a unique opportunity to blend delegation with mentoring while keeping accountability at the forefront. An employee who feels invested in and who sees the commitment you are making to their success will naturally be loyal - and you will have more people to delegate to!

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