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Coaching Pointer, Tip #7 2005
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In our last pointer we discussed the second step of performance coaching: Observation. Today we will discuss the next step, Feedback. Coaching feedback is the most important technique a leader can master. It is extremely effective, as long as you follow these easy steps:

Start by asking the employee for some self- assessment like "How do you think it went?" or "What would you do differently next time?". Then add your specific observations like "I have some observations about how it went, I would like to share them with you". Keep in mind this feedback should be as specific and as objective as possible. Then include areas of strength like "I saw you do many things that worked well for you. For example" or "Your greatest strengths are" or "You are a natural at".

Make sure to include areas for growth, for example, "If I could make some suggestions, they would be" or "You will get better results next time if you" or "One thing I would like to see you try next time is". The last step is to get agreement. "So what have you learned about this experience?" or "What things will you do differently next time?" or "Was it helpful to have me observe you? How?".

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Stay tuned to learn how to complete the final step; Coaching.
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