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Coaching Pointer, Tip #1 2005
Check out this week's performance pointer from Penumbra Group, your best resource for training and development solutions.

"Can they be developed?" The often dreaded question we've all faced as leaders at one time or another when dealing with a low performer on the team. As leaders, we are charged with not only selecting the right team players but also managing and cultivating the performance of the individuals for the good of the whole team.

Performance coaching can be made to seem complex and daunting. But not so if you break the process down into a simple, easy to follow formula. The Penumbra 4-step technique for performance intervention and development: Preparation / Observation / Feedback / Coaching.

Now you have a consistent and effective gameplan for handling performance issues. And no certification or fancy degrees required!

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Stay tuned for the next Coaching Pointer when we'll discuss tips and tools for the first step - Preparation
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