One of the major goals of the San Dieguito River Park is to establish a continuous open space corridor throughout the length of the Park that preserves natural habitats, protects linkages for wildlife movement, and provides compatible areas for recreational opportunities.

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Here is a link to the San Dieguito River Park Activity Calendar.     


North San Diego Certified Farmers Market
Located at the Sikes Adobe (see directions to the Sunset Staging area in the left column).

Every Sunday:
11am ~ 4pm
(except if Easter, 4th of July, or Christmas).

Every Wednesday:
11:00am ~ 2:00pm
The "Lunch" Market
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Bernardo Bay Natural/Staging Area: (for access to East and South Lake Hodges Trails and the Ribbon Bridge)
Take I-15 to the West Bernardo Dr./Pomerado Rd. exit. Turn left onto West Bernardo Dr.  Within a half mile, you will come to the parking area on the right side of the road. (click here for a map).

Del Dios Gorge/
Santa Fe Valley Staging Area:
On Del Dios Highway, across the street from the Cielo Shopping Center, is the Lemon Twist Stand.  The road to the staging area is within the Lemon Twist pullout, immediately south and west of the Lemon Twist stand. (click here for a map).

Dust Devil Nature Trail

Staging Area:

From Del Mar Heights Road go north on El Camino Real.  The staging area will be at the edge of the San Dieguito Lagoon on your left. (click here for a map). 


Highland Valley Trail Staging Area:

From I-15 head east on Pomerado Road about 1/4 mile.  Turn left onto Highland Valley Drive. Within about 300 feet, turn right into the parking area. (click here for a map).  


Old Coach Trail Staging Area:
From I-15 head east on Pomerado Road.  After about 1/4 mile, turn left onto Highland Valley Drive.  Drive 2.3 miles.  The Staging Area will be on your right.  12460 Highland Valley Road, San Diego. (click here for a map). 


San Andres Interpretive Kiosk: (for east end Lagoon Trail access)  End of San Andres Drive in Del Mar, off Via de la Valle, behind the Albertsons Shopping Center. (click here for a map).  


Ramona Grasslands Staging Area:

From I-15 head east on Pomerado Road.  After about 1/4 mile, turn left onto Highland Valley Road.  Drive approximately 10.5 miles up Highland Valley Road to the Ramona Grasslands.  You will see the staging area and trail head on the north side of the road (click here for a map).  


Sunset Staging Area:

(access for Ribbon Bridge, Sikes Adobe, Mule Hill Trail, North Shore Trail, Bernardo Mountain)  

Begin North Shore Trail and Mule Hill Trail here.   

Directions: Take I-15 to Via Rancho Parkway exit, and at the exit ramp turn right at the light.  Go to the light at Sunset Drive (less than a 1/4 mile) and turn right onto Sunset Drive. North County Fair Mall is on the left side of the road.  This is a cul-de-sac with plenty of parking in the gated staging/parking area on the left side of the street or along the street and in the lot at the end of the cul-de-sac. (click here for a map).
from the links below:


Date:  Saturday, June 9, 2012
Time:  10:00am - 2:00pm
Location:  San Diego Archaeological Center and Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead

The San Diego Archaeological Center and Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead invite families, youth groups and life-learners to relax, learn, and have fun during the 6th Annual Summer's Past in the San Pasqual Valley.

Visit both sites and discover how we are preserving what is best about San Diego's natural and cultural resources, history, and that hometown feeling. Both the Archaeological Center and the Sikes Adobe will have interactive stations set up where participants will have the opportunity to make Victorian sachets, punch leather items, rag dolls, create art with sidewalk chalk and play a game of jacks and marbles.

In addition to these activities, tours of the Center's storage vaults and of the historic farmstead will be offered. Refreshments reminiscent of summer's past will be available for your enjoyment at the San Diego Archaeological Center. San Diego Archaeological Center and Living History Circle members will enjoy this event at no charge. A $2 per person or $5 family donation is requested of non-members of both venues.

For more information, please contact Program Coordinator Annemarie Cox via email at or call
(760) 291-0370.

Date:  Saturday, June 9, 2012
Time:  9:00am - 10:15am
Location:  San Andres Interpretive Kiosk (see directions in left column)

This walk will be led by a Park Ranger along the San Dieguito Lagoon. This trail offers beautiful views of the lagoon and the wildlife that inhabit the area. Topics will include the lagoon restoration project, plant /wildlife identification, and updates on current Ranger projects. 

 Sunday, June 10, 2012
Time:  8:00am - 11:00am
Location:  Sunset Staging Area (see directions in left column)

Join Park Rangers for this trail maintenance event. Work on clearing brush from the area and removing non-native plants! Please bring drinking water, sun protection and wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes.
Please RSVP to or (858) 674-2275 x14.

 Saturday, June 16, 2012
Time:  8:00am - 11:00am
Location:  Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead (see Sunset Staging Area directions in left column for Sikes Adobe)

The event will consist of planting native plants, removing invasive plants to protect wildlife habitat, and maintaining new restoration areas. Tools, training and work gloves provided! Please bring drinking water, sun protection and wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes. Please RSVP to or
(858) 674-2275 x14.

  Sunday, June 24, 2012
Time:  11:00am - 4:00pm
Location:  Sikes Adobe Historic Farmstead (see Sunset Staging Area directions in left column for
Sikes Adobe)

Enjoy period activities including wheat milling, laundry, marbles, apple peeling, June pole and beeswax bowl making. Refreshments will be provided. For more information contact Anne Cooper, Museum Manager, at
(760) 432-8318 or visit us at

This year's San Dieguito River Park and San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy volunteer appreciation party was held at Felicita Park on May 12, 2012. Over 80 past and present volunteers attended for great food from Estada's Mexican Restaurant, socializing, and the volunteer award ceremony. This year the San Dieguito River Park honored Carl Moczydlowsky, Ginni Kitchen, Nalani Webster and Intern Elayna Bryant. The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy honored Cheryl and Jim Coffee, Kim Heller and Mike Thacker.

The San Dieguito River Park relies heavily on the help of our volunteers to aide in restoration and preservation of the Park.  Without our dedicated volunteers, the park would not be what it is today - a beautiful flourishing ecosystem for all to enjoy! We always appreciate our volunteers and encourage others to join our team. If you are interested in supporting the park and joining us in the preservation process, please visit our website at

An enthusiastic group of 120 junior and seniors from La Jolla High's Environment Science class enjoyed a field trip to the San Dieguito Lagoon. The San Dieguito River Park and San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy partnered to have 6 information stations that the students rotated through.

The stations included hands on habitat restoration, native species of the lagoon, 25 things that you can do to save the Earth, the water treatment ponds, conservation connections and the San Dieguito Lagoon restoration project. The event was a huge success for the students, volunteers and staff involved.
by Shelley Lawrence
Elayna Bryant and Shelley Lawrence, biology graduate students at California State University San Marcos, recently received an internship with the Water Research Institute and US Department of Agriculture and have chosen the River Park as the focus of their work. Both ladies have been long time volunteers working with the Dust Devils, the Rangers on the coast and helping with the water quality monitoring. Now they plan to take on their own project by studying the four water treatment ponds in the lagoon at the end of San Andres Street in Del Mar.

The water treatment ponds were built to naturally filter out non-native seeds and urban runoff from local residential and commercial development. The runoff water enters the first of the treatment ponds through a culvert, then meanders through the second, third, and fourth ponds before emptying out into the lagoon. Currently, the only data that has been recorded about the ponds has been monthly water quality sampling through the Coast Keeper.

Elayna and Shelley plan to take soil and plant samples to test for pollutants such as nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus to find out which components of the treatments ponds are doing the filtering. They plan to have initial results by the end of summer when they will apply to extend their research into the winter and spring. Coast Keeper water quality data can be found at Elayna and Shelley's data will be available upon request in late August.
by Cindy O'Grady

Type of Trail:  Out and Back
Use:  Hikers, Bikers, Equestrians
Difficulty:  Medium
Elevation gain:  600'
Features:  Large Oaks and Sycamores
Interpretive:  Some
Length:  Up to 20 miles round trip
Map:  Click here
Trail Manager:  County of San Diego, (760) 765-4098

Summer is a perfect time for a day trip to explore the eastern reaches of the San Dieguito River Park. There are three sections of the Coast-to-Crest Trail here, but the Santa Ysabel Preserve East is tops for sheer scenic and natural beauty.

From Julian, take Farmer Road 2.2 miles, turn right on Wynola Road, then left, back onto the continuation of Farmer Road. The staging area is one mile past the Volcan Mountain Preserve sign on the left.

The trail itself is made up of ranch and fire roads and is easily traveled. It takes you through 8 miles of rolling open grasslands, cow pastures and oak groves reminiscent of Northern California. The elevation is fairly even, but does have a climb of 500' to Kanaka Flat, and does have, in the last 1 miles, a 600 foot drop down to the trailhead off Highway 79. Mountain bikers can get in almost 20 miles of riding by including the Kanaka and West Vista Trail Loops.

Afterwards, visit one of the lesser-known spots outside the town of Julian. The Santa Ysabel Mission lies just off Route 79 at the west end of the trail, with a chapel, graveyard and museum on its grounds. Continue the history lesson at the Santa Ysabel General Store, a historic 1884 building that's recently been converted into a visitor center.

Hungry?  Stop by Dudley's Bakery or the Julian Pie Shop. Several other great restaurants are in the area offering everything from pizza to haute cuisine.  Enjoy a day that will leave everyone wanting to come back for the next trip!
Volunteer Voice

Rich Weier graduated from the University of Minnesota School of Pharmacy in 1970.  Shortly after graduation, he moved from Minnesota to California and eventually to Poway. He became aware of SDRP through an article published in the SD Union Tribune, and has been a regular part of the Tuesday Dust Devil brigade since the fall of 2000. 

It has been his pleasure to work/interact with the entire ranger staff (Jason, David, Natalie, Jake, Leana, Bryan and Dante) on a variety of projects. He appreciates all he has learned from them including native plant info/planting techniques, wildlife identification, equipment use, etc.  He also very much enjoys the energy and camaraderie working with the Dust Devil Volunteers - a great group. A few of the benefits derived from his time with the River Park include just being outside and aware of nature and wildlife, getting his hands in the dirt planting/tending/ watering native species, general trail maintenance (that is in days prior to current budget crisis) such as weed whipping to open trails, knocking down Tamarisk with a chain saw, and some good physical exercise.

"A real highlight is any opportunity to visit the Santa Ysabel Gorge property and the 3 ponds.  The overnight campouts, fantastic BBQ dinners put on by Jason and the Rangers, and for a bonus, participation in the great bull frog population reduction program.  A recent trip included shrieks heard from an amazingly navigable boat:  "It's still alive aaaaaggggghhhh!!!!" What a wonderful organization with a great mission.  Both the Conservancy and River Park are loaded with energetic, passionate and dedicated staff and volunteers. What a pleasure it is for me to be able to share in this mission in some small way."

In every walk with nature one receives far more than s/he seeks....
John Muir
All of us in the San Dieguito River Park office are working hard to improve your Park and to make it available to you for recreation and education.  Please feel free to contact me with Riverscape comments or requests.
Leana@ or (858) 674-2275 x14.

Interpretive Ranger and Riverscape Editor, Leana Bulay.